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As is often the case, I fired up my computer late Sunday night to play some poker. I found two compadres, GCox and DNasty, online and we started up an AIM chat. It wasn't terribly late, but fiance Kim had nodded off and I felt like playing an MTT. GCox, who just finished the $3 rebuy in the money, and DNasty, who just signed online, decided to join me for the $15-rebuy shorthanded MTT on Noble. I've been running bad, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. The chat was particularly interesting, and I've copied it for use as notes. I'll sprinkle some excerpts throughout.

On GCox's prospects in the $3 rebuy:
BrodyBanky (me): congrats G
Gcoxy25: not there yet, 22 left
BrodyBanky: trust me, congrats
Gcoxy25: 7-4 big blind (at which point, GCox is forced to push since only the SB is left and G has less than 3x the BB. G loses to A5.)
dmmoreno (DNasty): damn
Gcoxy25: jackass
BrodyBanky: aw G! on the bubble?
Gcoxy25: I made the money
dmmoreno: sweet
BrodyBanky: sweet. then i dont feel bad about the pre-congratz

So, the tourney starts with 66 players, and 6-person tables. G, D, and I are on different tables. I decide to play very tight. Early, however, I get AcQc. I'm in the BB. Before me, someone raises and another player re-raises. It's too early, and AQ is too weak. I lay it down. The two other players had AK and QQ. The A comes, and the QQ guy rebuys. After a couple of more hands, I can tell I have a solid group of players at my table. Tight is right with these guys.

Or so I think. I have AsKs. I raise preflop and two players call. The flop is ATT. I push, which may or may not be a good call. It turned out for the best because one player calls...with KJ. I double up. There are a lot of rebuys at my table. At this point, I have 1930, G has 950, and D has 1115. We started with 1000.

On playing while using the namesake:
BrodyBanky: 4 minutes until the add-on
(5 minutes later)
BrodyBanky: um, i cant beleive i thought the rebuy period was over (it was actually 44 minutes to go. I had only been playing for about 15 minutes!)
BrodyBanky: high on poker. fuck.
Gcoxy25: lol

With AdTh in the SB, the flop comes down Ah7x6h. The BB and a limper are still in the hand. I bet out and take it down. Another risky and potentially stupid move pays off.

On Railbirding:
BrodyBanky: man, its quiet here
dmmoreno: getting no cards
BrodyBanky: G, I'm railbirding
Gcoxy25: I'm just sitting here folding my ass off
BrodyBanky: got you too, D
dmmoreno: sweet watch me fold

I take a big hit on my chips. I didn't take good notes, which is probably due to my shame. Meanwhile, DNasty doubles up.

I'm dealt the hammer on the button and limp. The flop is 5A7. I consider a bluff, until someone pushes before I act. Seeya hammer!

With KK I get some callers pre-flop. With all under-cards on the board, my pot sized bet pushes out the competition. I think I played this too fast, but a win is a win. Scorecard, Me: 1640, D: 2685, G: 2890. Can you see what's happening?

I hit the bathroom and auto-fold JJ. If I had stayed and played the hand, I would've called the all-in preflop from the guy with AT. I would have lost when the Ace came on the turn. Whew! Thank you bladder!

After being moved to a new table, it takes me 5 minutes to realize I am playing at the same table as Gcox. I get 99, but the flop is AKQ, and I'm out of there. I decide that I am playing to double-up as we near the end of the rebuy period. I have approximately 950. D rivers trip aces against a guy who hit trip 6s on the flop. Go D! Scorecard? Me: 970, G: 4130, D: 4590. D and I add on. GCox is too good for it!

GCox loses a big chunk and is down to about 1000 when he calls someone's is all-in preflop with a high pocket pair. The other guy sucks out on G. I feel a slight feeling of joy when I think I won't be the first blogger out (as I had 1900 or so after the rebuy). I then get TT and push. AJ calls and hits a J on the turn. I thought too soon. I close the window and fire up PokerRewards for more bonus grinding.

Online poker had been kicking my ass this week. I was down a good $100 from my high, and probably more than that. Thankfully, a little while ago I went on a run on PokerRewards, upping my cash from $70 to $175! I turned $20 into $100 at one PL .25/.50 table, and $2o into $45 at another. Two key hands involved pocket pairs (88 and 99) that I ram and jammed preflop, hit the set, and slow played. In one hand, a guy hit a straight, only to lose to me on the river when the board paired for my boat. Slowplaying might have hurt me. However, if it wasn't for the slow play, he would never have bet so low on the turn when he hit his straight, and I would have never called hitting my flush on the river.

I've been getting whooped at Noble lately, due to inattentive play and poor hand selection more than anything. I lost $30 in the MTT and $20 in a Rio the day before. That's $50 right there, not counting my recent dry spell at $2/4, where the swings can be brutal. However, with approximately $226 on Noble (down from $375 at it's peak!), and $175 on PokerRewards, I have a total of $401 or so online. The new goal is to reach $500 by the end of September. Wish me luck. The PokerRewards bonus (50% of my initial $100 deposit, or $50 total) should be earned within two weeks. That's a modest estimate, considering that I am already 258 hands into the 600 hand requirement (actually 500 hand requirement for the bonus, and an additional 100 hands for the Poker Source Online bonus...bonus code: HighOnPoker). I still haven't received any referrals, you ingrates.

Poker time?

posted by Jordan @ 12:46 AM,


At 8:36 AM, Blogger Jordan said...

Good question DP. The .25/.50 NL cash games have a maximum deposit of $50. If I maxed out, with the bankroll I had at PokerRewards, I could only play one table with the full amount. The other table would have less. Plus, with two tables at once, my entire bankroll would be exposed.

Some believe that you should always buy in with the max possible, so that you have room to manuever and you can get paid out big when you hit a big hand. With my current bankroll and my desire to clear the raked hand bonus, I think it is preferrable to play several tables and leave myself some money in case things go terribly wrong. We all know that you are going to lose your bankroll when your KK hits another K on the flop, but your opponent's simultaneous AA hits an A as well. Or, as happened yesterday in a tourney, you push with top two pair, and someone calls, rivering a better two pair. To avoid losing everything in these instances, I buy in cheap. I'm glad to double up a mere $20, especially when I quintuple it up as I did yesterday.

At 10:48 AM, Blogger GaryC said...

Big fun, as always, J. What the hell happened to you last night?


At 11:08 AM, Blogger Jordan said...

Last night Robbie Hole came over. While hanging around, we decided to play some online poker. He and played 2 $20 Rios on my account, which we lost in 5th and 4th place. We also played a 20-person $2, and came in third (go figure we place in the one with less buy-in and more people!). When you IM'ed me, G, we were in the middle of the tourneys, and its harder to multitask when you are playing with someone else. Sorry if I was MIA. I then turned in early. Should get some action in tonight, which I will write about later.

At 2:00 PM, Blogger D said...

Sure apparently my finish in the tourney doesnt matter. Your readers want to know!!! I finished in 20th...I auto called an all-in bet after the flop thinking my paired A was good. He had trip 10's and if I would have thought before clicking I won't be so angry. It was a hand I could have gotten away from.

At 3:40 PM, Blogger Jordan said...

Sorry, D. D took an impressive 20th place, while G dropped off in the low 20s.

I didn't include their info because like an impetuous child, I ignore all things after I lose. Losing sucks.


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