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Break in the Clouds

The busy schedule eases up today with absolutely nothing to do after work. Granted, I'll have to stay at work late for face-time purposes, but I stand a 90% chance of getting home by 8pm. So far this week, I haven't been home before 10pm.

I have to apologize because I don't even really feel like blogging. It's not you, dear reader, it's me. My poker last night was abysmal. Fiance Kim put up with day 2 of, "I need some time to play poker...goodnight." I probably owe her an apology, but, as many of you know, when you live with someone, even someone who you love like I love fiance Kim (which is a heck of a lot), you still need time to yourself every once in a while.

I logged onto Noble, and GCox, my usual online poker buddy, was online as well. He was in the midst of two-tabling, so I registered for a Maui ($5, 10-person) and a Million $ Jackpot ($10, 10-person) SNG. Maui started first this time, so I set my sights on 2nd or 1st place, hoping to string a 2nd win to my streak. If you recall, two days ago, I placed 2nd in a Maui.

Well, I played well. I kept out of the way of the action in the early rounds. Actually, on the first hand, I held the suited hammer, aka the modified hammer, aka suited 27. I limped, as did about 6 players total. The board was K62, with two spades (I held clubs). I thought twice about making a move, but checked instead. Someone made a meke bet, but I folded. About three or four players saw the turn, another 2. I'm kicking myself in the ass until a player pushes all-in. It would have been a tough laydown for me at that point, so I'm glad I didn't put myself into a situation.

The game moved along, with me stealing some blinds when in position, but generally playing conservatively. I changed gears when we were down to 6 or so, and soon we were down to 4 and I was the big stack. Unfortunately, I misread a player and lost a huge hand. I don't remember the specifics. I think I had A2 and he had AJ. The flop was AA4. The rest, as they say, is history. On the short stack, I tried to survive. Finally, I was blinded and cold-decked down to 420, with 200/400 blinds. I had no choice but to push when I held KK. Two callers. The flop was AQx, and I considered myself cooked. The turn was a J, and I prayed for a T. The river was a 9. No such luck. But, as it turned out, neither player had an Ace. Unfortunately, one of them had QJ, and I lose my streak and bubble out.

It was like a kick in the groin. I said as much to GCox, who was in a limit table with me, where I had lost another $7. I can't seem to win in limit lately, probably because my focus is elsewhere. I signed off and hit the sack, sad that I ruined my one-game streak. At least I still have a one-game streak going in the Million $ Jackpot SNGs. I reviewed the Million $ Jackpot rules and was glad to see that there are some nice consolation prizes. If you win 7 in a row, you get a cool million. If you win 6, you get $75K. If you win 5, you get $25K. If you place 1st or 2nd in 5, you get $250. I'd be glad to get the $250. So that is my new goal.

I finished Moneymaker's book, and I can only say this: I respect Chris Moneymaker. His book gave an interesting perspective on his WSOP win and his backstory. It's right up there with Rocky, complete with lead character who is probably more of a fuckup than anything, but rises to the challenge that faces him. His book doesn't granstand or make him out to be some uber-poker machine, but it does tear away at some of the ESPN imagery that is edited to make the public's image of Moneymaker.

I'd like to discuss something that was prevalent in Moneymaker's book: getting lucky in poker. I'll get to that later, as right now, work is demanding my complete attention. Thanks for reading. I'll keep writing. Odd, how, now, I AM in the mood to blog.

Poker poker poker poker.

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At 3:36 PM, Blogger GaryC said...

Funny how that happens when you start typing or reading, isn't it?

Good playing with you last night, we might have to make another move on a 2/4 table before long.

I'll be on late tonight.


At 4:07 PM, Blogger Jordan said...

2/4! What do you take me for? A skilled poker player with a bankroll?! If I do play tonight...HAHAHA! IF! WHEN I play tonight, I expect to play a Million $ Jackpot SNG. If that goes well, I'll play another right behind it. Maybe I'll 2-table with you though.

At 9:26 PM, Blogger total said...

Great blog, just found it and have been poking around all evening, I espically like the You Decide Posts. Good luck.


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