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Atlantic City Bachelor Mayhem (Pt. 2)

Uh oh. Here we go again.

When I woke up Saturday morning, it was about 10:30am. I had gotten a whopping 7 or so hours of sleep, a good deal more than my usual AC trips with friends. Mikey Aps had crawled into the room at about 7am after a marathon at 6/12 limit. Aps plays higher limits than the rest of my buds, as is commiserate with his poker degeneracy. He ended the night up $400 or so, as his mad skillz held up against the competition. Over the course of the night, he even played some 7.50/15 limit Omaha, because apparently the room manager was trying desperately to spread the game.

Dan, Aps and I got up begrudgingly, and called over to Roose's room. Roose, Randy and Rob Hole and Ilan had already gotten up and showered. I had left my stuff in Roose's room (technically my room but in AC, you sleep wherever is most convenient), so I headed over there to change. I quickly noticed that my toiletry bag was MIA (found this morning in my office), so I did my best with what I could. I sure as hell didn't shower, as this was AC, and showering was on a need-to-shower basis.

The Roose crew and I got into our cars and headed over to the Showboat, owned by Harrahs. We couldn't check in until later, so we found a diner-type restaurant in the hotel and got us some breakfast. Breakfast for me was a grilled cheese with bacon. I only eat grilled cheese sandwiches in AC, and I guess that is almost all that I eat there. It definitely harkens back to growing up in a family that visited AC four times a year, at least. I used to always have grilled cheese at the Trop, so I guess it is some sort of AC comfort food thing. Regardless, the grilled cheese was up to par. Midway through the meal, Dan and Aps arrived. The group was all together, and ready for some more action.

When we left the restaurant, we decided to play some table games. I have got to commit myself to NEVER PLAYING TABLE GAMES AGAIN. I consistently leave these AC trips up (a meager amount) in poker, and down overall because of table games. The one exception was my Vegas trip, where I lost miserably in poker, and won a lot in craps and roullette. But I'm chalking that up to a fluke.

Roose, Hole and I hit up the craps table. In no time at all, we were all up over $75. I ran hot for a while. Someone wanted to walk, so I took it as a sign. Unfortunately, not too long later, Aps was talking about how he wanted to learn craps. I gave him a clinic, during which I lost my winnings and another $75. So, I guess the table actually gave the clinic. A clinic in ass-whooping.

After that, it seemed like poker was the only smart solution. I was feeling tired of 2/4, and arranged my buds to play 3/6. The Showboat poker room is a really nice place. It must be a year old at most, and it shows, with new tables, good chairs, and a nice atmosphere. I sat at a table with Aps, Dan, and Roose, along with about 3 old dudes and a black guy. Notable hands were few and far between. As time passes, my memory goes too. But I do know that I lost $42 before I had to walk. By that time, J-Dub and my bros had strolled into the poker room and the majority of the group was in AC. Poker had to take a back seat.

More to come...

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At 10:15 AM, Blogger GaryC said...

Kipper and I are in compelte agreement here dude, strippers, where the hell were the strippers????


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