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Atlantic City Bachelor Mayhem (Pt. 1)

I don’t think I have the stamina, after a weekend in Atlantic City, to do the trip justice. But I’ll do my best, in as many installments as it takes.

The reason for the soiree, which involved me and 16 or so of my best buddies, was my coming nuptials to fiancé Kim (who may remain “fiancé” Kim post-wedding, as “wife” Kim doesn’t roll off the tongue as well). Bachelor Party in AC? Where do I sign up!?

As soon as I got the call from Roose, I stuffed all of my stuff in my bag, and headed downstairs to get a ride from Roose and Ilan to sunny AC. I was heading directly from work, so I spent 15 minutes before my chauffer duo arrived switching from my lawyer gear to my degenerate gear. Knowing full well that I would have to walk past some co-workers, I wore my Superman t-shirt underneath my polo shirt. Visions of Clark Kent danced in my head.

Like a speeding bullet, I was in Ilan’s car. We had decided to go to AC on Friday, while most of the crew planned to arrive the next day. When we got to the Tropicana Hotel at 9pm, we met up with Rob and Randy Hole, fellow poker degenerates and all around fun-time guys. We checked into the hotel, making the usual flirty/self-deprecating/shticky chitchat with Andrea, the check-in clerk. She even laughed at my story from our last AC trip, when the check-in gal had the amazing ability to entirely block me and Roose out.

We got into the room and did much of nothing for 20 minutes. Well actually, the guys were chatting and relaxing, and I was pacing with intermittent whining regarding my need for action. I finally mobilized the troops, and we hit the poker room. Roose, Ilan and I sat down for a brand new 2/4 limit table at the Trop. I wanted to nurse my bankroll, so the 4/8 would have to wait. The game went well. I made friends with several strangers at the table, like Dirty Bob (his own nickname), his chick, and JS. JS was a chick on my right with whom I shared reads and general opinions regarding the table.

Now, I was having fun. That’s the most important thing. But I was also kind of loose, which is the exact wrong way to play at 2/4 no fold’em. I was down around 40, but it couldn’t matter less. The table was going well, and I was getting reads. Dirty Bob was playing well at first, and began showing cards. He even won a hand on a bluff, which is practically unheard of in 2/4 Limit, home of the no-folding policy. Whenever he showed, I called across the table, “nice hand.” After all, I want to encourage him to keep showing. There were three notable hands. Two were back to back and the last was my final hand of the session.

Now, as a disclaimer, my memory isn’t so hot, but this is the best as I can remember, so play alond.

Ilan was two seats to my left, just past JS. I held Ad3d and loosely limped in. I called, as did about four or five others. Ilan raised. There were 2 or 3 callers before me, and I called as well. The flop was AQ8. Ilan bet 2. All other players folded. I thought for a moment and called. The turn was a blank. Ilan bet again and I said, “Ilan, I gotta tell you, I don’t think you have it.” I re-raised, putting Ilan (on the tail end of a less-than-great session) called, putting himself all-in. He has AA. And I grumble as the useless river is dealt.

So, of course, I’ve had a couple of drinks. I like nothing more than drinking casually at 2/4 limit. It is highly recommended. See, if you get little loose (booze- or cards-wise) it’s not a big deal because the limit is so unthreatening.

As a result, I’m bantering between Ilan, Dirty Bob, and Roose. Of course, I’m giving Ilan a hard time for beating me. It’s all showboating nonsense, amongst inebriated friends at the table. While I’m busting his chops, I looked down to see AcAs. BOOYA! I’m ready to go, as the action gets around to me. I’m in early to mid position and bet, hoping to thin the field. There were already two limpers before me. JS folds. Ilan calls. Dirty Bob’s Girl calls. Dirty Bob calls. And I think someone else in there called as well. And do you know why? Because my bets get no respect as a result of my showboating style and loose play. It’s 2/4 also, which doesn’t hurt. But there were no hands as big as this all night preflop. Several people called me cold.

Anyway, I lean toward JS and joke about how I get no respect. I show her my cards too. To allow her to enjoy the show, I guess. Maybe to have some company for my merriment. Not the smartest move, I know. But it just seemed like a good idea.

The flop was sweet. AJx. I checked and someone in MP bet. Dirty Bob’s girl called. Dirty Bob raised! Ok, well now there are six or so people beside me in the hand, and there is a lot of action before me. I need to thin the herd because two board cards are suited. I raised. Two players folded. Some random dude calls, and is all-in. Dirty Bob’s gal folds. Dirty Bob calls.

The next card is an A. Soak it up, ‘cause I’m packing quad Aces. I check. Dirty Bob bets. I raise. He calls. The river was a K or something. Hell, I wasn’t paying attention by that point. I bet, and he called, reluctantly. I show my pocket Aces and take down a huge pot. The best part was that I got a load of value out of a quad Aces hand. Realistically, often you are not going to get paid on this hand, as most players are scared of 3-of-a-kind Aces, and therefore shut down. The timing was right and it felt great.

At the end of the game, I held JQo, but I had already determined that I was near done with poker for a bit. I limped, as did about 4 other players. The flop was T98, rainbow. It’s easy winning with the nuts. But the key is to get as many bets as possible. This time I bet out. It was a weak passive set of players, including Bob’s lady-friend. He was already busted, but still railbirding and chatting away. I got a couple of callers, including Mrs. Bob. I bet the next inconsequential card and only Mrs. Bob called. On the river, I bet once more, and she reluctantly threw in her chips. I showed my flopped nuts.

A little while later, Bob’s wife(?) went broke. The couple up and left the table. As the did, Bob shook my hand and wished me good luck with the game and the wedding. With my gregarious group, my bachelor party came up quickly.

As he left, I realized I was the man to effectively break Bob and wife. And yet, I got along with him better than most of the players at the table. Hell, we even half-jokingly invited him for the bachelor party entertainment. I think this happens a lot. I play better against those players I get into a rapport with, especially when it’s a friendly rapport. I definitely study those players more than most. My attention is on them anyway, and usually it’s a low-brow type guy, so his play might just mesh with my style (to my benefit, fortunately).

The other thing is, Bob knew I was at my bachelor party. If you want to get treated to a good time, get engaged and have yourself a bachelor party. Roose did a phenomenal job getting this thing together. When I first got in the car, there was a bag, complete with unmentionables that would remind me that this was a weekend of debauchery. When I got to the hotel and met up with Rob and Randy, they handed me a lucky chip that had been personalized for the bachelor party. Even more amazingly, they also had a box of cigars with personalized and wholly inappropriate wrappers. While playing poker, Dan strolled up behind me. I didn’t even know he’d be there Friday night, so his surprise, courtesy of the expected poker-degenerate Mikey Aps, made for a very nice surprise.

After poker, the group met at the bar for drinks. I had several drinks paid for by the guys, and we decided to head to the room to regroup. Damn, the rest of the night was a blur. Some guys went upstairs to the room. I drank some with Dan. Aps continued playing 6/12 limit, and would remain there until 7am or so. He’s a trooper! Eventually I got some food and hung out with the bros and brews until gambling seemed to lose all meaning.

I’ll hopefully get to more of this later. Tomorrow will be busy, so I’ll have to do it as it comes. But there will be more. Thanks for reading.

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At 9:12 AM, Blogger GaryC said...

You don't have to thank me for reading, my first blog of the day, as always.

Great report, give me more, damnit.


At 11:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun time! Strippers were are the strippers!

At 2:15 PM, Blogger TripJax said...

I think your answer can be found in the statement, "Damn the rest of the night was a blur."

There's not much of a better feeling than having Quad Aces and with people betting and raising in front of you. Well, about the only thing better would be to have the night become a blur.

I suggest going from fiance Kim to wifey Kim. It flows better than Wife Kim.

Sounds like good times were had and I'm looking forward to hearing/reading more about it...

At 2:41 PM, Blogger Jordan said...

What is a bachelor party without strippers! But that is for part 2 or maybe even part 3 of my write-up. Stay tuned, as its a busy Mon and Tues, so you'll be getting more info in bits and pieces.


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