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Picking Up Camp

I'm a serial poker-site monogomist by nature. I started playing on Golden Palace exclusively. I played a couple of SNGs on Party Poker, but quite honestly, I lost my shirt, and prefered the lower stakes offered at Golden Palace (as low as $0.10 STT SNGs). Then, I decided to become a bonus whore. I don't know what started it. All I know is, I started playing on new sites, solely for the benefit of winning bonuses (boni?). Eventually, I ended up at Noble Poker thanks to a Freeroll arranged by Pauly (home of the best WSOP live coverage ever), and an extremely reasonable 100% bonus, which is quite easy to earn, I might add. Fast-forward several months and a couple of hundred dollars profit, and I finished my initial $50 bonus. It feels good to have 'accomplished' something, but now I have to decide what my next step is.

Ok, first let me give you a quick recap. Last night, I got home from dinner with fiance Kim and found TripJax, GCox, DNasty and Kipper (see links on the right under "SNG Challengers") playing an SNG. Here I've been, bitching and moaning, moaning and bitching, all about playing with my fellow SNGers and they go and start a game without me. Its a good think I don't curse, or I'd call them all cocksuckers. But really, I'm glad it all worked out, and GCox and Trip placed, no less. Now I can look forward to playing with the large group in the near future. While I waited for them to finish up, I hopped on Noble, as my extended limit challenge (which I am using for self-discipline) has been moving along well. I ended up cleaning house. After a good hour or less of play on 1/2 tables, I was up 20BB (40$), bringing my total Noble bankroll to $150. To make matters better, I received an email confirmation that I collected the last $10 of my bonus. I subsequently played and lost an SNG, but that's a whole nother story (SNG banroll= $51.50, down from $55).

What to do now? I really like Noble. I seem to win regularly on their limit games. The interface is good and getting better. There are more players than ever there. It is easy fo sheezee to collect bonuses, unlike some sites (read: FullTilt). But, the bonus is gone, and I heard some good stuff about other sites.

I guess my next move is clear. I should withdraw entirely from Noble. I should put $110 into BoDog through PokerSourceOnline (PSO) or some other service which provides an extra bonus. I believe there is another service/site like PSO, and I would really appreciate any help my readers can give me. Regardless, I heard that BoDog is easy on the bonuses, which is key for me. I figure to go there and continue my extended limit challenge. The discipline it gives me is key.

That's it for now. I have to say congrats to Trip and GCox for placing in their SNG. It always makes me proud to see multiple SNGers place in the same SNG. Look for a post coming up about my new favorite word: Schaudenfreude!

Poker up, Hoes down!

posted by Jordan @ 8:50 AM,


At 11:28 AM, Blogger Kipper said...

oh man I will play with you!! Timing has to be right!! Sheesh cant believe you are in a hurry to lose your money to me!

At 3:09 PM, Blogger GaryC said...

You know I'm going to suggest the Bodog bonus through PokerSourceOnline, bonus code GCox25, damnit!
Bodog clears the fastest for the PSO promotions, for sure.
As far as clearing the bonus money on individual sites, Paradise cleared pretty fast also. I didn't make as much money though on Paradise as Bodog. Fish factor may be higher on Bodob.
Also, I liked both sites. It's all relative, every body likes different things about different sites.


At 4:54 PM, Blogger Jordan said...

BoDog it is. Bonuscode GSux25!

At 6:53 PM, Blogger TripJax said...


only 4 hours to late to say PSO bonus code TripJax! Oh well, I'll get the next one. You're good G, real good.

Can't wait to play you boys again.


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