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You Decide #9(AC Trip Report Pt. 2)

The poker room at the Resorts was a nice surprise. When we arrived, there were two full tables only, and about eight to ten other tables entirely empty. The only game at that point was $2/4. Hole was adamantly against limit poker, but in the end, the poker bug won out and we all sat down, conveniently at a brand new table, sitting in seats 4 (me), 5 (Roose), and 6 (Hole). Amongst the crowd at the table were poker staples like young Asian guy, College guy, So-Old-I'm-On-A-Resperator Guy, So-Hot-You-Won't-Play-Good-Poker-Against-Me girl, and old Asian guy. Yes, old and young Asians were represented, like two very different sides of the same coin.

You Decide #9

I wish I kept better track of hands at this table. I only remember one hand particularly, which I've made You Decide #8. To tell you the truth, I almost don't want comments on this hand, because I'm afraid of what I'll get. But here goes: I limped with KTs, spades in the BB. The flop came down A77, with two spades. I was worried about the full house, but up until that point, players were staying in with anything, and I was playing tight and itching for some action. There was one raise on the flop from Robbie Hole. Young Asian, Old Asian (OA), and I called. The turn was a blank. Hole raised again. Sometimes, it seems like he is always raising. To his credit though, he was getting great cards and playing fine poker. OA called again. I thought about folding, but figured that if I hit my flush, it would be a sweet payday. The river was a spade. I raised with the nut flush. Hole called. OA pushed all in for another two. I asked if I could raise again, and was told that I could complete OA's raise. I raised the two additional bucks. Hole called, announcing that he was definitely going to lose. He showed the Ace and I jumped for joy. No chance that old dirty bastard had the A7 now...WRONG! OA took it down with A7, for a full house. Ugh!

I'm going to post this, as I'd rather give you morsels of the trip report here and there rather than the whole chunk five days from now. Enjoy!

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At 8:25 AM, Blogger D said...

Thats a tough one. OA is just calling bets with a flopped fullhouse. Tough to put him the full house, especially if you have no read on how he plays. Only hints may have come from him calling down the bets and apparently his stack was running out. This could have been the hint you were looking for. For the way you guys are betting at it, you know hes going to end up either all in or close to it. Which to me says big hand. It still a tough read without really having a read on him. You played your instinct, you have to rely on that sometimes when you have no read.

Another note...I won 6.25 last night...bringing me up to a whopping 45.75 So I am still down 4.25 overall.

At 8:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OA raising after the river should have raised red flags in my mind. But I would have put him at a flush King high since he did not raise prior to the river. Also he had someone else raising prior to the river so he could just lay back and wait. I could see his reasoning on not wantting to expose his hand and try to raise the value of the pot.

At 10:00 AM, Blogger Jordan said...

This may have been a large error at the time, but I did not even look at OA's stack. He was in the 10 seat, and I was at 4, or 3, now that I think of it. On top of all of that, its 2/4 so I wasn't worried about how much he had, b/c I knew the limits of my exposure. Damn limit poker!

At 12:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Listen Rut, first off, you didn't even cover most of the trip yet. I just want to put this one in, I know you haven't gotten there yet in the story, but here it is. I was sitting in the tourney at the Taj, I think blinds went up to Level 3 at the time. I wasn't catching SHIT, so when I did get the QJ off suit, I played in. Flop was 66J, I was first to bet, so I put in $200. Everyone folds but this one guy like you were saying before (I'm not too old to be playing poker guy), but he calls. Next was another 6, so here I am thinking I have the boat, I bet $1000, he raises, I call. Next card, nothing to help anyone, so I bet another $1000, he calls. I flip my boat, everyone says "wow" and he flips over damn 6!!!! .. I wanted to go over the table and strangle the fuck. One more.. the last hand before I get out, I have like $500 in chips at this point, I get an A7 suited. Flop was a K24 .. nothing of suit, so course I go all in betting on the river. If I remember correctly, nothing of use came out to either of us. So end result, the prick calls my all in with a pair 2's and I lose! .. What the fuck is this guy doing calling an All In with a pair of 2's??!??!? .. pleae tell me, because I would love to know!


PS .. Rut has moved from High to Obsessive .. keep it going baby, you're on a roll!


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