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Vegas Trip Report, Day 1

As many of you know, a bunch of bloggers are heading out to Vegas for a blogger tournament. As I read sites today, I came up with a great idea. I'd do my own Vegas trip report. There was only one problem...I'm not going to Vegas. So here's my Vegas trip report, reporting all the things I did while the bloggers hit Sin City.

Day 1
I woke up today with a feeling like something big was going to happen. In Vegas. While I am in NY. So it ain't happening to me. Instead, I chose out my best business casual (ah, Fridays) grabbed an egg white and cheese wrap, and headed for an exhilerating work hitting the tables. In the conference room at my office.

The day started out great. I met up with fellow poker players, but we didn't discuss poker. Instead, we discussed the new forms that must be filled out for each lawsuit in my department. After discussing various strategies, I bluffed that I was going to get a lot done today. They all bought it, and I proceeded into my office to listen to Howard Stern while organizing a file that was all over the place. I shuffled the deck of discovery demands and dealt out my first hand...a pair of overdue responses. I immediately calculated the pot odds of getting all I needed today. I realized that I would have to flop several pieces of information from my clients and claims department in order to have any success. So, I immediately folded the responses and moved onto the next hand.

The rest of the day went smoothly until lunch. I joined some co-workers out to lunch in celebration of co-worker Matt's birthday. I read him as holding the hammer, 27o, but in fact, he was really 30. Its a good thing I didn't bet that hand, but rather was just railbirding.

I took a gamble on ordering spinach instead of fries, and it paid off heavy when the waitress broad over a salad instead, and then followed up with the spinach and an apology. Doubled-up on my veggies!

I then returned to the office to see if I could read any interesting blogs. As it turned out, everyone and their sister were in Vegas, so no one was posting. Instead, I cashed in and got some work done.

The rest of the Vegas Trip will be spent rushing back to LI to take fiance Kim to get a bridesmaid dress fitted. Then, maybe we'll catch a movie or something. Tomorrow, I'm looking at tuxes for my wedding, while bloggers tear up the tables. Poor bloggers and their boring weekend! After tuxes, its back to the city to party down (or up?) with Roose's girl for her birthday. Sunday will actually be good, as Roose, Hole and I are heading to the Resorts Casino in Atlantic City, where I was comped a free room. We plan on playing cash games Sunday night, and a $50+15 No add-on/No rebuy tourney at Trump Taj Mahal on Monday afternoon. Maybe this weekend won't be a complete bust.

I'm out of cheesy, sarcastic poker references, so I'm calling it a post. Bloggers, have fun. And on with the Poker.

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