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In about an hour or so of online poker yesterday, I made some strides in my limit challenge. Nothing spectacular overall, but at least its an uptick of about $20 overall right now. The math got more complicated once I received my 2nd $10 bonus from the lovely folks at Noble Poker.

Let me just say that Noble has been a great site for me. Unfortunately, there is only one .25/.50 limit table. Fortunately, its a short-handed 6-person table. This, along with the limit challenge, has caused me to (a) only play one table at a time thereby allowing me to focus, and (b) sit around for a spot at the table to open up, which is sometimes frustrating but also ultimately causes me to pay attention to the players before I sit down. On top of that, its been easy earning my bonuses, since Noble counts your bonus points based on the amount of raked hands I have contributed to. So even if I fold the SB, if there is a rake, it counts as one hand toward my bonus. Ka ching!

I believe my current balance is about $80-$85, which would include my two $10 bonuses, and two deposits of $50 and $20. That means, surprisingly, that I am actually down about $10 on the site. But overall, I feel that I have honed my limit game there, and I only expect good things in the near future.

For the record, I started the limit challenge with about $54 (exact figures are at home). Since the limit challenge was supposed to start at $50, I have to mentally subtract $4. I also have to mentally subtract the $10 bonus I recently received. Hence, my limit challenge bankroll has rose from $50 to about $70. DNasty, you've got yourself some fierce competition.

On a separate note, SteelerJosh, who has been posting pretty regularly lately, is also involved in his personal limit challenge. Check out his site to see about his progress from .25/.50 to 1/2 (if I'm not mistaken. I can't wait to hit the 1/2 tables. Its definitely small stakes to some fellow bloggers, but for me, it'd be a nice jump from the current quarter/fifty-cent game.

Thanks for reading. Hopefully, I'll have some good poker content coming up soon, instead of my recent spate of Limit Challenge updates and pointless rants. Keep it Poker!

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