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Limit Challenge, End of Day 2

For those who haven't been reading, DNasty and I have entered a limit challenge to see who can win the most using a limit step system. We both started with $50 online, and can only play .25/.50 until we reach $110. Then we can move to .50/1 until we reach some other number. If we dip below $100, we must drop back to .25/.50. Get it? Good.

The challenge began on May 31st, Monday, but I didn't get to play that day due to a wedding. Yesterday, I finally took my first swing at the challenge. The result: +12.94 in 153 minutes. At first, I thought it was a pretty poor average per hour, but now that I did the calculations, I've discovered that it was actually about $5.08/hr, or 10BB/hr, which I think is pretty good, no?

I have yet to get Poker Tracker. I didn't realize that it costs $55. That is not that much, I suppose, but lately I've been on a pretty tight budget. It might have to wait a week or two.

That's today's update. I'll be back with more fun poker action soon! Be good to each other.

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At 10:29 AM, Blogger D said...

I posted my results, 4.19 in less than an hour...woohoo. Have not played since Monday, will tonight cause no PISTON Basketball. Good Luck, you are winning for now. Are you 2 tabling or 1, I am afraid a big swing while 2 tabling will eliminate me. Start thinking about how we want to do the next challenge also. SnG challenge. 100$ to start whoever makes the most. Or 100$ to start, we play in same SnG's. Something like that. Later

At 10:33 AM, Blogger Jordan said...

One table at a time for me, which is against my usual pay style. Its all because Noble Poker only has one .25/.50 table, and it is a 6-seater. This has actually forced me to concentrate on the players, sometimes even concentrating on players while I wait for a seat to open at the table.

I am down for an SNG challenge. We'll work out the details when we get there, but right now $100 sounds okay to start. We can set it up so that we can individually choose the amounts of the buy-ins, so if you want to take your chances with a $50, so be it. Personally, I'll probably stick with much cheaper SNGs. But that won't be until mid-July, so we'll have time to iron out wrinkles.

At 10:49 PM, Blogger STeelerJosh said...

The Limit thing is working for me, kind of glad that I am not in competition, even though I love comp. It is nice to watch my bankroll grow, although I think that if you strictly follow the limits and move when they say, it is too little bankroll for the levels.

My goal is to reach 1k, then I will start playing SNGs and Tourneys. I might mix a few in here and there, but I have fixated on my goal and it feels reachable. ABC poker is the name of the game at the lower limits on UB. I am starting to see some fancy stuff at the 1/2 table, and my confidence is a little shaken.... but still up close to 30BB after two sessions on 1/2. Taking some getting used to the higher swings though. Anyway, I wish you both the best on the Limit Challenge and I am really glad I am doing it and sticking to it. Get Some!!


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