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Hole is Where the Heart Is

Hole is where the heart is. Of course, "Hole" is Robbie Hole, fellow poker degenerate and all around fun guy. And "heart" is poker. In other words, Robbie Hole is hosting a game tonight! Very exciting.

I've only played at Hole's place on two occassions. The first was a long time ago. It was a six-handed tournament, consisting of Hole, me, Rouss, Aps, Randy (Hole's cousin) and Marc (Aps' friend who I consider the best player in the bunch). Marc ended up winning each tourney that night. Uncanny! I have the best time playing when I sit next to Marc. He and I will predict other players' hands when we are both folded. He's had some great reads. Truely inspiring.

The second time at Hole's was for Hole's recent birthday. Check out earlier posts in which I discuss my last minute $40 win on a hand I had no right to be in.

Tonight, I look forward to another loose, fun game. I should be able to walk away a winner, but I don't expect to see that much money in play, since I only figure there will be 5-6 players, and no high rollers.

Here's a thought: When you most often play poker against friends and acquaintences, how do you deal with constantly winning?

This is not exactly my problem, but still, there is a line between friendly games and games played for profit. There should be a balance. In the end, the truth is, you have to play to win, even if you are up against your grandma and you are playing for her heart transplant money (note: Grandmas, I love you both. Thank god you don't need a heart transplant.). But the other aspect is that even if you play to win, eventually the game will dry up, because no one wants to be a steady loser.

Last thing: In my poker-whoring mode, I signed up for Full Tilt. I used FirePay to deposit money because, apparently my debit cards have a moral objection to online gambling (note to self: I really should post my online gambling paper). They charged me about $5! I hate paying for depositing money. At least the bonus is 100%, awarded in 10% increments. I deposited $100 (more than usual), but I feel that it is worth it if I can earn the bonuses.

A few quick thoughts on Full Tilt. (1) The tables always seem empty. What's the point of Razz if no one is playing. (2) The avatars are clever [you can change their emotions], but the graphics are difficult to read and cluttered. I never know when it is my time to play.

That's it for now. They'll be a Hole recap tomorrow (or tonight) and then on Wednesday, there is a self-imposed poker hiatus due to some not-so-subtle-but-oh-so-accurate statements by fiance Kim. Love that girl!

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