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There are more than a few poker-centric sites out there, so its always an odd thing when I am asked to review a new one. In this case, the guy behind asked me to take a look at his site, and after looking around, I was impressed by the amount of information collected at his site. presents the poker strategy information based on a variety of subjects, which makes the site easy to use and useful for a variety of players. The site focuses on Holdem exclusively, but that is to be expected nowadays (especially given the site's name). is particularly useful because of its subcategories, which allow the reader to find articles particularly made for Beginners or Advanced players. Beginners can learn some key basics like the importance of position, while Advanced players can learn some of the finer nuances of the game (although, admittedly, some of the advanced articles are more suitable for intermediate players, as stated clearly in the articles). also has a section on Texas Holdem Tournaments specifically, where online poker sites are ranked based on various criteria including the best location for tournaments (Stars wins under Best Tournaments, which, considering their traffic and the amount of tourneys is pretty much accurate). Another article addresses how to throw a homegame tournament, complete with little tips like how to keep bored busted-out players happy.

Since we are all on the computer and love us some online poker, has a Online Texas Holdem section, with a 1-10 rating for various sites. Learn-Texas-Holdem's reviews are lengthy and well thought-out, and consider things like how easy the games are to beat, customer support, signup bonuses and software. is a solid portal site for access to poker resources and articles. It covers a broad variety of topics, and has a ton of content, especially considering the fact that the site is so new. All in all, it receives the HoP seal of approval.

Until next time, make mine poker!

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I will be going to, right now!

Seriously, good stuff.


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