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Feast or Famine

At my old law firm, one of the partners used to have an oft-used phrase, It's either feast or famine. For those a bit thick in the skull, it means that things are usually very slow or very busy, and rarely in between. This is my work and poker life: feast and famine.

My second trial of the summer started yesterday. We picked a jury of 8 concerned citizens, including a matrimonial attorney. Usually, attorneys are never picked for a jury, but in this case, she didn't practice in our area of law (this case is another medical malpractice) and she stated that she was strongly in favor of cash recovery for injuries, something we love to hear. Amazingly, the defendant did not challenge her as a juror, we did not challenge her, and the Court found no reason to take her off of the jury. Once the jury was set, though, she stood up immediately and called out to the judge. According to her, she never expected to get picked for a jury and thought she was just going through the motions. The judge, to his credit, told her too bad. She's on the jury, and that's that. Admittedly, in hindsight, I don't want someone on the jury who does not want to be there, but what's done is done.

So, I'm busy in trial mode, working day to day on the next day's events while juggling my other cases. Poker, meanwhile, is famine. I have not played since my last time at Tuna Club, which feels like a week+ ago, but my brain is so fried, it may've been this week. I had hoped to make an AC solo run on Saturday but my conscience got the better of me and I decided instead to spend the day with wifey Kim. That just reminded me to make reservations. The plan is to check out some Top Chef restaurants, with Prince 24 as our first stop. We already have plans to check host Tom Colccio's (I'm not going to look up the spelling, so, suck it) CraftSteak for our anniversary on Oct. 2. That place is hella expensive, but wifey Kim loves steak and grits and both are on the menu. We tried his flagship restaurant, Craft, a while ago and loved it. Perilla, which I think is from the season 1 winner, is also on our list. I suppose that's one of the best things about NY...the restaurants.

Wow. I expected this post to be about the lack of poker and overflowing work, hence the title, but I guess the word Feast got me off on a tangent.

While on a tangent, it looks like it was a god send that Mama High made me cancel my Vegas trip. Otherwise, I'd be going to Vegas right in the middle of trial. Not good.

Have a great weekend everyone. Win some poker money for me.

Until next time, make mine poker!

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At 4:09 PM, Blogger BWoP said...

I'm sure lots of lawyers think that they'll never get picked for a jury.

I sure as hell did.

But then I ended up as a juror in a trial that lasted 2 months. The entire jury was pissed off at the lawyers for telling us that it would be a 2-week trial.

At 12:35 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Just win baby!

It's a good sign when the judge asks me "How are you Sean," before I get called? The two fastest "Excused" in my life.

See the big guy always takes care of you when you need it the most.

Have faith brother. We have faith in you. TID FTW!

At 9:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So as a lawyer, how do I not get picked for a Manhattan jury? (Just got the call for early October)...


At 5:02 PM, Blogger Jordan said...

Chuck, first thing you do is get an adjournment, which I think you can get over the phone. Then, when you come up again in 6 months, get another adjournment. Finally, at some point, you'll actually show up at the courthouse. When you are picked for a jury, let the lawyers know ASAP that you are an attorney and have lots of attorney-friends who all work for the plaintiff or defense. Tell them that you are concerned that the knowledge you have will color your opinions and you fear that your fellow jurors will ask you legal questions, since they will know you are a lawyer. Tell the Court you don't want to unduly influence the jury and you cannot shut out the knowledge you already have. Then have a nice day.

At 7:51 AM, Blogger Pedro Garcia Millan said...

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