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Bub and Flub

Last night, I bubbled the Mookie. It was a funny thing, too, because I was so half-assed playing for about 99% of the tournament. I was watching Top Chef with wifey Kim and had pre-signed up for the event, missing the first 20 minutes or so. I then signed on but sat out, only playing major hands...until I got frisky on a flush draw from the blinds and lost 1/2 of my stack after playing all of 2 hands. I went back to uber tight, barely looked at the table or my opponents, and slowly worked my way up. I was getting no respect for bets (probably rightly so) and ended up getting paid off big time on a couple of hands by some odd callers. Whatever the case, I entered the final table comfortably, but lost a good portion of my stack with AK v. JJ. The hand came down to a preflop decision. If I called and lost, I would have a little over 10k left, with blinds of 400/800 with an ante. The pot was 17k without the call, so I figured getting 1.7:1 (is that the correct way to write that or is it 1:1.7?) was pretty good for a hand that was almost definitely a coin toss (1:1) and possibly way ahead. I obviously missed and went from a secure stack to one of the shorter stacks with either 7 or 8 players left and 5 spots paying. Finally down to 6 players, I was the shortstack with something like 4 or 5x the BB (500/1000 with antes...the antes were killing me), so I open pushed with J7o only to be called by AQo. I lost and that's all there is to it. Lemon.

From time to time, I check out a website called ACPG (Atlantic City Poker Guide). I'm not one for forums, but since it was AC specific, I thought I'd give it a whirl. I started to post links to my trip reports on there and sure enough, this time a player at my cash game table, who I dubbed Friendly, Dim-Witted, Blue Collar Guy ("FDWBCG") found my post. He commented in response to my ACPG post in a friendly manner (I got that description right), but also noted the "dim-witted" part of my description. To be fair, he wasn't actually dim-witted. In actuality, it was my early read tha the was going to be a straight-forward player. I didn't expect anything fancy, based on his clothing (flannel, rather than the sweatshirt I recalled), his size (he was a fairly big guy) and his general blue collar demeanor. In actuality, he played a very solid and sharp game, but for the sake of convenience, I just left that DW part of the description in.

This isn't so much of a formal apology as it is a sorta revelation. First, it's odd that now two players from that table have found my post. HoP, while being the SIXTH most popular poker blog by click-thru according to Yahoo*, really isn't the Juggenaut it was just a scant year ago. And yet, two AC players at my exact table found my recap. On one hand, it's great. I'd love to get their sides of the stories that I told. On the other hand, it makes it a lot harder to call your nameless opponents things like "dim-witted." Not that this will change, because ultimately, the vast majority of the time, no one at the table will find the post. It does mean, however, that I have to be somewhat accountable for what I type. That's nothing new though, as I take a personal responsibility to be as accurate, unfiltered and honest as possible.

There is no live poker on my horizon, which is a tad disconcerting. I have off on President's Day, which is a surprise to me, so maybe I will see about an impromptu day trip to AC. Realistically, though, I think I want to go somewhere for a long weekend with wifey Kim, somewhere besides AC.

I'm on the verge of booking a trip to Europe this summer, Ireland and Barcelona specifically. If anyone has any recommendations, we'll be in Dublin and want to go somewhere in the Irish countryside for a few days, although we don't know where. I know next to nothing about Barcelona, so any advice there would be much appreciated.

Until next time, make mine poker!

*And, no, I don't take this seriously.

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At 4:34 PM, Blogger Astin said...

Been years since I was in Barcelona, so I can't remember too much.

La Rambla is worth walking if you like street markets. And Gaudi's works are a must. Sagrada Familia (giant, strange church) is certainly worth touring. There's the Park Guell, and other works by him as well.

And of course, you should walk the waterfront and check out the Olympic site if you're into that
sort of thing.

At 5:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I figured getting 1.7:1 (is that the correct way to write that or is it 1:1.7?)"

Which side of the table were you on?

At 6:10 PM, Blogger Jordan said...

Thanks for the advice, Astin.

Ken, you got me to laugh out loud, or as the kids say lol. Good stuff.

At 10:16 PM, Blogger Riggstad said...

Thats funny you post on ACPG... I know the guy who owns that fairly well.

He's a good dude, and almost fits your description of the player to a "t".

I wonder if it's him. I haven't searched for you post yet.

Oh... Leve CJ alone!! :)


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