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It's time, once again, to turn our focus to the world of online poker portals, this time settling on is a portal site that provides an array of information about this game we all know and love. Just take a look at's absurdly extensive review of online poker sites and you'll instantly realize that PokerIntensity earns its name. For US players, a quick viewing of their online poker deposit methods section will help you get back in the game if you are ready to deposit now that the UIGEA has been proven to be nothing but a nuisance without substance.

Personally, I found the blacklist of online poker rooms to be interesting. Go to the right page and the site lists a slew of poker rooms that operate in the gray (or black) area of the law and should be avoided. The poker guides under online poker tips will also help you play your best online poker, if you are into that sorta thing. Me, I prefer donking.

So, gets my seal of approval.

Now, I have to cut this short so I can go shower.

Until next time, make mine poker!

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What type of soap (or body wash) you use?


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