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California Dreaming

Wifey Kim and I recently booked a trip to California in the late summer. Our plan is to fly into San Francisco, stay for a few days, and then drive the coast, with our final destination in San Diego. Stops along the way include a small sea-side town, Cambria, Los Angeles, and possibly Santa Barbara.

The plan came about on a whim. Wifey Kim and I are beach people. More accurately, she is a beach person, and I am a wifey Kim person. Because of this, our vacations usually end up in Mexico or the Carribean. It's not a bad way to vacation, but we have also felt the need to do a bit more exploring. Ideally, a trip to Europe was in order, but the dropping value of the US dollar has made such a trip a bit more expensive than is ideal. And then came California.

The benefits of driving the coast is obvious. For wifey Kim, there are ample beaches. For me, there is time to see a lot of different places, all in one trip. It doesn't hurt that wifey Kim has a friend in San Fran that will keep her busy for at least one day, allowing me to sneak off to a local casino/card room. But, really, poker is a very minor part of this trip. The real joy will be in exploring new places with wifey Kim.

Ever since we booked the flights, whenever my mind wanders, it ends in one place: California. In another life, I could have been a long-haul trucker. The idea of traveling the roads has always appealed to me, and long drives have never been an issue. Spending time on random beaches and emersing myself in a different life style really appeal to me.

It doesn't hurt that the flames have been stoked by Jamie's great multi-part post of his recent trip to California. Jamie is on a mission to visit a myriad of poker rooms across this great nation, and his trip to the many card rooms in California was long and varied. Check it out for a great read.

Meanwhile, I am gearing up for my own upcoming poker sojourn to Atlantic City with Roose this weekend. It is really creeping up on me after numerous weeks of high-stress lawyering which just died down today (a $2,000,000 settlement in a case that was all but lost a month ago helps). I also have 23Skidoo's invitational game at the Wall Street Game this week, and it's been too long since I was able to hang with the Skidoo. These are all tremendous occurences, considering the fact that I cannot remember the last time I played live poker.

So, for any of your folks out there with tips regarding poker in the San Francisco area, hit me up with a comment or email (you can get my email from the tab at the top of the page). And for all you other people out there, I'll see you at the Hoy tonight (hopefully).

Until next time, make mine poker!

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At 3:49 PM, Blogger Dave said...

My wife and I did the very same trip a few years ago. We flew into SF, stayed there a couple of days and then drove down the coast all the way to SD. It's a LONG drive, so frequent stops are recommended. SF seemed expensive to stay in (as was the rest of CA). Monterey and Carmel is a good spot just south of SF. When you pass Malibu - stop at Gladstones along the beach for a meal. Hit up SeaWorld in SD if you get the chance.

At 4:20 PM, Blogger change100 said...

Cambria is a great choice to stop for the night. There are some awesome motels around there with ocean views/beach access that are very reasonable.

If you guys need any more recs about stuff to do along the way, hit me up!

At 5:56 PM, Blogger KajaPoker said...

I think I have a trip report about both lucky Chances and Bay101 somewhere in my blog.

I used to do that drive and it is awesome. The further south you go the better the beaches are.


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