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OGIDE - The Silent Killer

A recent news story reported that a man died due to excessive online poker. Specifically, the man played for three days straight at an internet cafe in China before succumbing to sweet sweet death.

Folks, at first I thought this story was a big goof. Then I thought about the implications on the UIGEA and the anti-online poker movement. But after both of those thoughts, I suddenly realized that this story hits a lot closer to home than you or I might first expect. I'd like you to read the following excerpts from a poker blogger that is widely read and adored by his fans and fellow bloggers:

"...the past couple weeks, I’ve fallen asleep through over a dozen tournaments." Sept. 1, 2007

"I gave it a shot, played almost a dozen, and lost them all, losing three in heads-up and one on the bubble despite falling asleep at the first level." Aug. 22, 2007

"Played cash games and an SnG, fell asleep, and awoke to find I placed 4th… again." July 22, 2007

"Last night, I fell asleep again while playing three SnGs." June 2, 2007

"...the SnGs that I fell asleep on (came in 4th on the bubble)..." May 1, 2007

The list goes on, people, but clearly what we have here in our very blogging midst is the next would-be victim of Online Gaming Induced Death by Exhaustion, or OGIDE as I have conveniently named it for the scientific community.

With that in mind, I ask that you join in my prayers and pray that Grubby, the author of those exhausted quotes, can find the road to recovery. Let he find the solace of a pillow. Let he separate himself from the evil box that we call the computer. And most of all, may he slip through the fingers of fickle death and the horrors of OGIDE. And we all say, Amen.

Until next time, make mine poker!

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