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I've really overextended myself lately. I barely saw wifey Kim for the entire weekend, instead spending much of my time playing (and losing) at poker or traveling to or from poker.

Friday evening was really the only time for wifey Kim and I. I can't even remember it all too well, likely because I knew we had to be up early on Saturday morning. Wifey Kim had a cavalcade of plans this week, including a bachelorette party for a friend which was to start and end (in a sleepover) at my apartment. My official orders was to find something to keep me busy and somewhere to sleep, so after I arranged to crash in my brother's apartment, I arranged a busy day.

A couple of close friends who I will keep nameless, have began dealing in an underground poker room on LI. I decided to head out with one of them on Saturday to play the 12:30pm tournament while he deals. It was a $20 rebuy tournament, and, well, by the time it was over, I was in the hole for $145. I lasted until the final table...sorta. Actually, I went out 10th, which IS final table, technically, but I busted right before condensing. If I waited another hand, I would've had to push anyway at the final table, so I figured I'd take my chances with 84o, knowing that at the very least, I'd probably have two live cards. I was actually hoping to pick up the blinds and antes, since I was almost down to the felt, but a guy who likely had a borderline retarded IQ labored on his decision for a good 4 minutes before calling with 9Tc. I hit my 4, but he hit is Ten, and IGHN. Or, actually, ISAAWFMF, which is short for I stick around and wait for my friend, since he was dealing AND my ride. Oh, and $140 in a $20 rebuy might seem like a lot, but I immediately rebought, rebought once when I dipped below a certain point, double rebought when I was felted, and then bought a double addon. Good thing for me, I was budgeted for $160.

After watching the entire final table, we headed out. It was about 5pm at this point, so we went to a nearby friend's apartment, where we watched old DVR'ed episodes of High Stakes Poker and attempted to watch an episode of Poker After Dark with one of the worst tables ever. I can't even remember who it was, but I had the distinct feeling that I didn't give a shit. I settled, instead, on a recent WPT episode, waiting until 7pm rolled around.

At that point, my dealer friend and I headed back to the LI club for their evening $120 tournament. I went out around 6 out of 12, but I made some great plays. In one instance, I limped along with most of the full table with 66. The flop was 399 and a chick in the SB bet out. It folded to me and I thought for a bit. I knew she was a knowledgeable player, but she had the sort of knowledge that was not reinforced with experience. Basically, she was going to play like a book, so I just needed to make sure I was on the right chapter. This chapter wreaked of a probe bet. Since it was just her and me, I called, thinking that she probably had a 3, but could have luckboxed a 9. The turn was a King or Queen, and she checked. I checked behind, still not sure where I was exactly. The river was a blank, and when she bet out, I took a moment to think it out. I didn't want to just hand her my money with crappy cards, but there was something about her demeanor that told me she was trying to force me out of the pot. I don't recall bet sizes, but I'm sure her bet size also tipped me off about it. I ultimately called, and she showed A3. I proudly showed my winning 6s with all sorts of overcards out there. Alas, the tournament was not meant to be as I later called her down a long way to try to hit a flush. Didn't happen and I was crippled. So goes poker. At least I felt like I played well.

After that, I took the long trip home, first in a car for 30+ minutes, then waiting for a train for 15 minutes, taking a train for 30 and then waiting for a subway for 30 minutes before I gave up and took a cab. Sometimes some of my LI chums give me shit for leaving places early, but if they (or anyone, for that matter) had to take a 1 1/2 hour drive to see me, I wouldn't expect them to stay late. Even though most of these people are close in distance, that doesn't make travel easy.

Sunday was a blur. I sat around most of the day while wifey Kim was at my future sister-in-law's bridal shower. I saw the movie Ghost Rider (passable, but not amazing), hung out with buddy Jefe and his girlfriend, and met wifey Kim for our favorite restaurant, Baby Bo's. After that, I thought about backing out of the homegame I was invited to (I'm not sure if I'm allowed to publicize the host), but decided against it. I went to the game on the upper West side and arrived a bit early, so I found a nice stone bench at a nearby park and lied down for a bit while listening to my iPod. I felt like I was on life tilt. Work has been tough lately, as though I am floundering most of the time, and life at home has been hectic. I sincerely miss the easy days of winter, when wifey Kim and I were not stuck in 1000 obligations and I hadn't promised 10 people that I'd meet up with them for poker. I felt burnt out on the game, but decided that all I could do was center myself and have fun.

And have fun, I did. As soon as I entered, I felt a wave of relaxation wash over me. I was there to play poker for fun stakes in a fun game. We ended up starting with a $20 tournament. I went out somewhere in the middle, but not without first manhandling some players at the table. My cards were poop, so I just focused on playing the players. One player in particualr was my play thing. I apologize to that player in advance because they read this here blog and I mean no disrespect. I just got a great feel for this person's play and I acted accordingly.

The first hand with the PlayThing happened when said person raised preflop from the blinds and I called, having already limped with KQ. The flop was AXX with two diamonds and I sensed that PT didn't have the Ace, so when PT bet, I flat called. The turn was another diamond, and PT checked. I made a modest raise and PT folded. I acted as though I had the Ace, and PT admitted that he/she had an underpair to the Ace. Just as expected.

Later, we played a $20 max cashgame, and I found myself in another intereseting hand with PT. I was in a blind with Q6o and called PT's modest preflop raise. PT was on my immediate right. The flop came down AQ2. PT bet out, and I could tell he/she didn't have an Ace. The biggest hint was PT's bet. After everyone checked (a lot of people called the modest preflop raise), PT bet out a large amount for the table. It looked like PT was trying to force everyone out of the pot. Essentially, I figured why bet that much if you want these scared players in the hand. I had a picture of 8s in my head, so I decided to flat call. I could've raised, but I wanted to see how action developed, especially with all of the players behind me. Everyone folded, and we were heads up. The turn was a 3, and PT bet out again. I called, confident that nothing changed. The river was a 4, and I goaded PT into putting all of his/her chips into the pot. When I called, PT showed 55 for a rivered wheel. At least my read was close enough (underpair to the AQ board).

Overall, though, I won back the $20 I spent on the tournament and left even. It was a fun crowd, but it was almost 11:30 and I hadn't been sleeping. I gave up on the random Sunday trains and cabbed it way downtown to my apartment. It cost $25 by cab, not helped by the cabbie's scenic route. Whatever the case, I got home and was exhausted. I still didn't go to sleep until almost 1:30 though. That's how it goes when I'm overextended.

This week, my goal is to survive. I want to get a better handle at things at work, and spend as much time with wifey Kim as possible. She is such a pleasure to be around, yet sometimes I forget to enjoy it. This weekend is my older brother's bachelor party, and then on Sunday, I intend to play another round of the SIF homegame. And I can already see another weekend sans wifey Kim. I might have to reschedule.

Until next time, make mine poker!

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At 6:39 PM, Blogger lj said...

PT left the evening up $100, so she's ok w/ being your PT. i knew you had shit on the diamond flop, and shoulda pushed on you, and i'm also really struggling w/ my lay down in the bb when you were down to 33 in tourney. that woulda been easy money. but i consider myself still learning so i'm ok with it. good read on my pocket fives, turn and river sucked for you. ironically, i had pocket fives on that other hand w/ the diamonds, plus a gut shot. given the way i was nailing gut shots last night, i DEF should called/pushed.

At 6:46 PM, Blogger lj said...

also, it's just semantics, but seeing as we're both lawyers, you definitely didn't "goad" me into putting all my chips into the pot on the river. i was happily getting the rest of my chips in the pot on the river, and if anything i was trying to "goad" you into calling. not a well played pot by me (apparently i have to improve my game w/r/t underpairs) but also not particularly well played by you, since if i don't hit my set or straight, there's no way you're getting my last 8 bucks.

At 7:34 PM, Blogger Jordan said...

LJ, well, I THOUGHT I was goading you. That was my intention, because I still read you as an underpair. As we both know, though, you didn't need much goading, considering that you had the 2nd nuts. And overall, you played well. You moneyed in the tournament and did well in the cash game. It just happened to be that you were my target for much of the night, probably because you and I play similar styles, although I'm not sure its obvious. I understand your game, so its easier for me to figure out what you are doing and why. I mean this all as a compliment, of course.

At 2:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yo its your bro dave, any interest in fantasy football this year?

until next time, make mine jodin!


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