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Didn't I Tell You So?

Here is further proof that when someone tells you what they have at the table, they are all too likely to be telling the truth. This excerpt comes from Linda at Pokerworks, one of my favorite blogs out there.

"[On an all heart flop with one player already all-in] the 8s exclaimed, “I don’t know what to do!” It was a tension buster and most of us laughed.

Mike told the 8s that he had the nuts. The 8s queried him, “Really?”

Mike said yes, and told the 8s that he never lied.

Mike had been in and out of his chair at least four times and was now standing.

The 8s said something like, “Well…you did tell me you never lie…”

Mike got the most innocent look on his face as he responded, “Well…I did tell you that…and you’d better call.”

The 8s thought about it a moment longer and did call. Mike had everyone covered and he rolled over the A-9 of Hearts."
By the way, if you don't read Linda yet, follow my link and give it a whirl. Sure, 9/10s of you know who she is but for the rest, she's a dealer in a major casino in Vegas and her stories about what happens at the table at a wide variety of stakes from the eyes of a dealer.

Until next time, make mine poker!

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