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Hey folks. I've been lax on the posting lately. If you haven't noticed it here, its been because my output is the same, but my writing has been slow and arduous. I lost an SNG last night that cost me a $75 token on FT, but that didn't bother me much. I played well and I chose a token game so that I wouldn't have to see my cash account go down. After all, I'm getting over my losses at Salami and NiceLook, but I don't need to add more fuel to the fire. Oddly, a $75 token means a lot less to me than $75. Maybe it's because I got it for $13.75.

As a wise man once wrote, Poker is what poker was.

My poker schedule this weekend is light, if not nil. I'll be heading to beautiful Brooklyn tonight for one of wifey Kim's friend's birthday dinners. Tomorrow, I'm off to Long Island to get my tux fitted from Dave Roose's wedding, just a few weeks away. Sunday is brunch with Mama High, along with wifey Kim's family. Thank the Lord the families get along. One big gathering is enough.

Meanwhile, I have some other exciting things coming up. First and foremost, as of Thursday of next week, I'll be in Vegas for Roose's bachelor party. We'll be visiting orphanages and helping out at soup kitchens while we are there. Or, if that falls through, oggling women, drinking to excess, and gambling until my eyes bleed.

Just as exciting, I booked my flight to....OKLAHOMA! That's right, folks, the High on Poker World Tour stops in Okie-Vegas July 20-22, to hang with GCox and a group of fellow degenerates. Last year, money and timing issues made the trip impossible, but I promised myself come hell or high water, I was making it this year. The festivities actually kick off on July 18, so if you are interested, check out G's blog and get your booking done.

If anyone is interested, I will once again be missing the blogger gathering in Vegas. Sadly, one trip to Vegas without wifey Kim, along with a trip solo to Oklahoma, is just too much time and money for me to spend. Have fun though, bloggers, and don't do anything I wouldn't do. That should give you more than enough leway.

Sometimes, I feel a bit secluded. Poker allows me a hobby that can isolate as much as socialize. While I've met many good people through poker, I also sometimes feel like it is a way for me to separate myself. The classic example is sitting on the couch next to wifey Kim playing poker while she watches TV. We are in the same room, but we are not "together." Sometimes it happens amongst non-poker-playing friends. I get so wrapped up in the game, I almost shut them out. I know in Vegas, I plan on playing a shit load, and any non-poker people can keep themselves occupied. But every once in a while, usually when I'm feeling bleak for reasons entirely independent on poker (although, in a very real sense, nothing is entirely independent from poker, since you bring everything with you to the table), I'll get down and mull over that isolation. But really, the isolation/socialization part of poker is a yin/yang thing, and the key is to find the right balance.

On that note, let me say that I have been having a great time playing chess against Meanhappyguy. The great thing is, Meanhappy was just another blogger in the weekly tournaments that I found myself always playing against. He left a comment or two here, I started reading his blog, and he mentioned the chess thing. It's done via a website, where he makes a move, I get a notification email and I make a move. And so on. I suck at chess, but I love games of any type, so I jumped at the opportunity. Reading his blog, and lately he is posting seemingly 5 times a day, also gave me an insight into who Meanhappy is. I suppose that is one of the most interesting aspects of the blogging community. Without physically meeting someone, you can get a feel for who they are. After all, I am heading to Oklahoma to hang out with some old redneck who I've never met in person, all because we like to girly chat while check-raising douschebags.

So, I guess the moral of the story is that in poker, like most things in life, you get what you give. You can choose to isolate yourself, or you can choose to mix it up with the people you meet. I've been fortunate to meet some good people, and it seems like I'm meeting more every day.

Now, if anyone is up for some chess, you should sign up for, and challenge me. I'm under HighOnPoker, but in hindsight, HighOnChess would've been funnier.

Until next time, make mine poker!

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