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CC's Thursday Bash

Hey all. Just wanted to take a moment to remind you that tonight is the premiere of CC's Thursday Bash. There's money added ($75 extra for 1st; $25 for the bubble), not to mention a point system that will pay out the top three point earners. Check out CC's Blog for details. And, um, sorry for not posting this earlier. On a side note, where'd that pic come from. Jordan likes em rail thin!

While you are at it, sign up for DADI X early. I might have a poker-related book as a bounty, or I might not. It depends on how soon I get it in the mail.

But, whatever you do, DO NOT play in the Riverchasers tournament tonight, which is currently being pimped by AlCantHang. I'd like him, but I really don't want you to play. And if you'd like to know why not, I suggest you read about it HERE.

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