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LI Marathon

I spent the entire weekend on Long Island, doing various things non-poker related. I did, however, sneak in some time at the Stud H/L and Stud tables at PokerStars, the only site downloaded to my parents' computer. I have bonuses to work on at PokerShare (200pts already completed out of 500pts needed for my PSO promotion) and Titan/Noble (working off my last 25$ bonus out of the original 100$), but I don't need my parents to see the 10 different poker sites that I have downloaded at my apartment. As the Fresh Prince once aptly put it, Parents just don't understand.

Meanwhile, I did get some time to play off some Pokershare bonus last night, playing in an 81 person MTT, which had a nice overlay of about 200$. I'm starting to realize that THIS is the real value in smaller sites. For those that don't understand, some sites have guaranteed prize pool tournaments. The one I played was a $10 buy-in with $1000 guaranteed. So, if there are less than 100 people playing, then the online poker room has to put in their own money to reach the guarantee. In this case, with 81 players, PokerShare put it $190 of their own money. This is great because 17 spots paid out of 81 as a result, and the payouts were slightly higher (I imagine that without the guarantee, less than 17 spots would get paid out).

By the way, I went out in 19th place, out of the money. What can ya do?

I also got a big trounced in the NL cash games. In the end, I made back my deficit of $30+ on one table, but lost about $30 on another. Total for the night, down $45 or so. Hmm. No complaints. That's poker.

I noticed that I was saying NH a lot. I don't know why. I guess it was because I wasn't taking anything personally. In one hand of the tournament, my AA was against 22 pre-flop and he rivered a 2. I typed, "NH" (oh yeah, for those who don't know, NH = nice hand), and someone else typed, "why is that a nice hand?" My response: "He's got my money now. I'd imagine that'd be nice for him." I wasn't pissed at all (at least not at Mr. 22). I think it is because I want to (a) encourage players to continue to go all-in with 22, and (b) get an impression about me. If they think I'm some shmuck who thinks every winning hand is nice, then so be it. We know better. If they think I'm a sincerely nice guy just having fun, then maybe they'll take it easy on me. Even if they don't and decide that they want to take advantage of Mr. Nice Guy, let them try. Once again, we all know better. I'm neither Mr. Nice Guy or Mr. Knows Nothing. In fact, I'd go with Mr. Good Time Guy, because that's what it's all about. Having a good time (and winning money in the process).

So, guess what's happening next weekend? Wifey Kim has a bridal shower, followed by a baby shower. What does this mean to me? You know it. Poker. So, the plan is to have a home game on Sunday, $60 NL hold'em tournament followed by a cash game. The 5-Diamond club (as I've dubbed my apartment) will be open from 2pm to 8pm. Thereafter, get the hell out. Wifey Kim will be home and I need to mentally prepare for the anguish of Monday morning. I'm going to invite some fellow bloggers, and if you think you might be interested, shoot me an email at highonpokr AT yahoo DOT you know the rest. I have about 13 email addresses, so if you know another one, feel free to use that one too.

On, and 2 weeks until DADI 6. Be there or be...somewhere else, I suppose.

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