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Well, as you can see, I can post again. Three or so days without posting was actually like a little vacation. But, I strive to post daily (with weekends off for good behavior) and I'm going to try to live up to that goal.

The blog is still going through some repairs. Most notably a lot of the sidebar is being revamped. Hopefully, we'll be up and running in the next day or so, with a new banner and possibly a whole new revamped template, but Blogosophus, the god of Blogging, has yet to decide. All hail Blogosophus! May he bring bloggery goodness to us all!

Meanwhile, Gamblor, god of gambling, has been good to me, overall. I had a break even night two nights ago after getting myself in a hole with a 45-p SNG loss (check out the 45-person SNG Challenge blog to see the leaderboard) and some Limit losses. Then I decided to play some Rio SNGs on Titan/Noble and placed 1st, 3rd, and 2nd, to make all of my money back exactly.

Last night, I played at Robbie Hole's home game. Cute story. This morning, wifey Kim and I were chatting while lying in bed. She was asking me about all of the guys at the game. How is Roose doing? Is Hole doing well? That's when I looked at her and said, "You've been reading my blog!" "Not really," she replied, but then I laid it out. I only call Roose by Roose and Hole by Hole on the blog (primarily). Next thing I know, she'll be saying stuff like, "Honey, I'm all done shopping. IGHN!"

Second funny part of the story. All of my answers were "I don't know." I mean, I spent hours with the guys, but we never discussed their respective women, weddings, or anything else significant the entire time. Wifey Kim asked, "What did you talk about?" The answer: "Poker."

I won the 1st 6-person tourney at Hole's home game for a $45 profit (15 buy-in, 60/30 for 1st/2nd). I lost the second one due to escalating blinds followed by a re-suckout. I was all-in with A8 v. A4 v. AK. The flop is x84. The turn is a 4. On that note, the guy with A4, wifey Kim's brother and my bro-in-law Marc, was all-in too. Lucky bastich.

I then lost $9 playing .25/.50 cash games. Nothing really exciting to report. I made a good laydown with TP2ndTK, vs someone's two-pair. I didn't have much time, but if I did, I was confident that I would have ultimately profitted.

I got kicked in the junk last night on Titan in a .25/.50 NL game. One guy was raising a lot. He raised from .50 to $3 in EP in a 6p table. He got one caller. I was the BB or SB and pushed for about $50 with KK. He folded, as I knew would. The other guy called. The turn was a Jack, and I knew that I had lost. I said to myself, he had a JJ. Sure enough, I was dead right. In total, I lost about $20 on that hand (I had him covered). In the end, I wasn't upset. I knew I'd get a caller, and I even knew what he had before showdown. Maybe I shouldn't have pushed pre-flop, but I wanted any Ax hand to pay to play. Oh well oh well.

DADI is shaping up nicely, and expect the big announcement tomorrow, if all goes well.

That's it for now. This site will be back in shape in no time. Until then, make mine Poker.

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