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Okay, so I played last night at All In and lost again. My bud Desi chopped first and second for $300+ profit. Good for him! Good for me! There is no doubt he'll be joining me there in the future. Because of the loss, I will play the $25+5 freezeout at Genoa tonight, rather than the $40+10 rebuy/add-on at All In. I'll also bring an extra $150 for 1/2 NL afterward. It's a short stack for these tables, but its all I can afford (and probably a little more than I can afford).

I lost the tourney because of 3 things: (1) insanely escalating blinds, (2) pot odds and (3) pricing myself in pre-flop. Here's a quick explanation. On one occassion, I made a pre-flop raises with a marginal hands QcJc in position because I wanted to steal blinds, due to escalating blinds. The BB pushed for $400 more, and I had to call (I had raised to $800). He had K9 and hurt me. Then I had $900 with $300 blinds, and I was the BB with Jc2c and some dude raised to $900, so I had to call with pot-odds. Otherwise, I'd only have 2x the BB and would have to put out the SB. Ug!

I also started the Step HU Challenge. I am changing it a bit. If I lose on the first level, I have to win at that level once to get even, and THEN win two more to move up a level. For more details on the Challenge, check O-Poker. I got to the 2nd level once ($20 for me), lost and then lost 2x on the first level ($10 for me). Total loss: $20+fees. Oh well oh well.

Gotta go now. See you all soon.

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At 4:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good Luck with the HU Step Challenge. I like the twist you put on it where you have to keep playing the first level until you are even. The thing I like the most about the HU step is that if you go on a big run, you win big.


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