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Notes Pay Off & You Decide #24

You Decide #24 is brought to you by PSO and the donkeys at Gaming Club

I'm at a 10-person 2/4 limit table. I'm barely paying attention because I'm two-tabling at a 2/4 limit 6 person table. I only have the 10-p open to play top hands and otherwise fold and collect the raked hand point for the PSO and GC bonus. I look up and I'm the BB with Ah7d. One player in EP/MP has raised it up. Everyone else had folded. I look at the EP/MP (I'll call him NH) and immediately recognize his name. I decide to call.

The flop was 5h6d§As. I check. NH bets. I call.

The turn is a Kc. I check. He bets. I call.

The river is a 4s. I check and he checks. He shows KdTd, and I win. So, what do you think?

By the way, my note on this guy, which I only noticed after the hand: "idiot." For reference, I remembered that he was loose at the beginning of the hand.

Should I have folded preflop regardless of the results? Should I have pushed my Aces further? Post a comment!

posted by Jordan @ 10:40 PM,


At 10:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You flop an ace, somewhere in the vicinity of 15% of the time. If you think your ace will be good, you need 6:1-ish on your preflop money. 3.5 already there. You need to get a small bet and a big bet out of him to be +EV. If you think he folds to your flop or turn bets, you fold, no? So what do I think (I'm a putz sometimes, so you gotta figure your own discount factor for my opinion), I think that it is risky. Good or bad really depends on how well you had command of the situation. Seems like you had it well in hand.

Did you think about raising him when he bet out on the turn, representing his likely king?


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