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Why I Lost HUC1 and HUC2

Why I lost HUC1 and HUC2, a presentation by Jordan

It has been said that Life is something that can only be understood backwards, but must be lived forwards. Seeking understanding, I looked back on my play in the HUC1 (where I placed LAST!) and HUC2 (where I was the 2nd contestant booted!). Clearly, something was wrong in the land of Jordan. Here are the reasons I lost both challenges, not including the exceptional play of my competition.

1. Giving Too Much Information- I do not think that 100-2-Infiniti or any of the HUC1 competitors poured over my blog for information before playing me heads-up. However, they do read my blog and they know my personality. They also have probably picked up on my ebb and flow posts and my tendency to play aggressively and bluff often. As a result, I am sure that players intentionally or subconsciously adjust their play. This information I am sending is not helpful to me at all. However, I could always switch things up (as I attempted to do in game 2 vs. Infiniti) thereby using the information out there to my advantage.

2. UB is anti-semetic- Okay, not literally. But UB and I don't get along. I have never done well on that site. For that reason, I am planning on avoiding that site except for MTTs and the occassional blogger get-together. My problem with UB is an odd thing. I can't pinpoint it. But I can tell you this. Part of it is that UB sucks all personality out of the game. Is it possible that graphics or user interface could mess with my game?? I think so. See, I enjoy the social and psychological aspects of the game. Avatars and profiles give up a surprising amount of information. Even moreso, the ability to chat is invaluable when gathering information. UB has chat, of course, but it's a smaller window so your chat is only on the screen for a moment. I need long chat windows so I can have my words seen. Also, the hand-history option is great, but it is also hard to use heads-up. If you hit the hand history button when it is your turn to act, it flicks on the screen and then off, so you can make your move. The end product was that I could not look back at my opponents' mucked cards. (Note: I didn't have this problem in HUC1, so I don't know if this is something new, something I hadn't noticed, or some temporary glitch on my computer.) Finally, I haven't won really at all on UB, so this may add a psyche-out factor. Something about the UI (user interface) just causes me to expect the worst. Have the HUC3 on Titan or Noble and I'd be more confident.

3. Chasing Losses- Last night, I intended on playing one match. If I won and I had time, I'd play another, but if I lost, I wanted to wait for another day to play the second match. Unfortunately, my plan didn't work because I got the gambling bug. By not waiting, my mental batteries weren't refreshed. I was also clearly not playing up to my desired level, so it was stupid to play a 2nd game hoping I'd get there. In the first HUC, on the date of my first match (it was round robin) I played 4 games and lost three (I believe). Then, too, I should've stopped after losing one.

4. Bad Luck- Full house over full house vs. Infiniti AND Wonka (HUC1). My AK v. 22 when the flop is AK2 against DoubleAs (or something like that). Certain hands are going to break you. These are those hands. Unfortunately, 100-2-Infiniti may be right that 2 out of 3 is not the best indicator of skill (although I do not deny that he deserved to win and was skilled). Next time, we will have to go NBA style with best of 5 followed by best of 7 for other rounds.

That's all for my self-pity now. I've taken most money out of Titan and am moving on to my next PSO promotion. If you are interested in Great Bonuses (and I do mean GREAT!), check out PSO and use referral code HighOnPoker. You'll do me and you a favor and get me closer to my dream iPod.

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At 1:11 PM, Blogger TraumaPoker said...

I do think UB's UI is awful. The site is dark and gloomy and even if I change the back ground it still looks ridiculous. The chat box rolls by too fast just like you said and the only decent feature is the mini table, but that took me a while to master. The heads up challenge feature is nice for what we are doing but it lacks in so many other areas it is way down on the list as far as sites I prefer. Like a good friend I pawned off my responsibility to drive to the airport on Sunday and I will be able to make the start time of the Blogger event on Pokerstars!!

At 3:49 PM, Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I want to play DoubleAs. He is an exceptional player. You did well to last as long as you did.


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