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Welcome to Paradise

Heaven, I'm in Heaven,
And my heart beats so
That I can hardly speak;
And I seem to find
The happiness I seek
When we're out together
Bluffing, cheek to cheek.

I'm leaving the green pastures of Titan, and the barren wasteland of UltimateBet, for the sandy shores of Paradise Poker! Why, you ask? Well, because of PokerSourceOnline (referral code HighOnPoker, damnit!!!). I've said this before, so I'll keep it short. If you like free money, gifts and prizes, PLEASE just check out PokerSourceOnline. You will not be disappointed. My goal to earn myself an iPod may be supplanted by my need for a large screen television. Now you ask, Jordan, how can you earn an entire large screen television by playing poker? The answer is that I cannot. But I can earn $200 BestBuy gift certificates, which will go some ways toward my goal.

Paradise Poker is no misnomer. In fact, I love the site. Unfortunately for Titan/Noble, I am a cruel, cruel man, and I only have love enough for one site. Paradise is the current site to be. (Note: Although I still have funds on Titan and UB).

Paradise is wonderful for the following reasons. Last night, I wanted to play 1/2 limit but all of the rooms were full. So I sat in an empty room and when a player sat down, I took all of his money. It was that simple. I've been hitting cards, but also playing well. And I think I am particuarly good at heads-up limit ring games. Even better, Paradise's graffics are great, and the sound too! I mean, when you win over another player your cards sometimes light on fire or get electrified or something. It's a minor detail, and probably one that your competitor in his home office doesn't even see. But I can't help but get excited and yell "BURN BABY BURN!" when my four of a kind is shown. I can't wait for the day when a site allows you to disembowel your competitor after a suckout, ala Mortal Kombat.

As I was messing around on the site this morning, I saw a heading called "Miscellaneous Games". Now, I've played Crazy Pineapple on UB before, but I wanted to see what else they had. Enter, 5-card draw. It's the jalopy of poker games, but I like me some jalopies. I sat down and won $30 at 1/2 limit draw by playing reasonably. It was actually quite easy. Playing with wifey Kim in Tahiti gave me an opportunity to get back into the game. That and 6 years of playing in junior high school and high school (which I was reasonably rusty from). The end result is that I am back over $300 and climbing.

Finally, I've already earned $10 of my $25 bonus (25%). AND I'm close to my 2nd payout. Unfortunately, I still have some way to go for the PSO promotion, but I'm willing to work it! By the way, if you are considering starting a PSO promotion, I suggest BoDog, Absolute, Titan or Noble for easy to earn PSO and site-based bonuses.

In other news, Wonka fell to SirFWALgman in Round 1 of the HUC2. Also, SteelerJosh fell to Veneno. That means that HUC1 competitors are 0 for 4, with GCox being the one last hope for HUC1 supremacy. Unfortunately, he is a clear underdog against DonkeyPuncher, his 1st Round competition.

Also, I might miss the first several HOURS (!) of the Pokerstars Blogger Freeroll due to family commitments. Damnation!

That ain't no woman! That's poker baby!

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At 3:32 AM, Blogger Yoyo (Poker Poison) said...

Enjoy Paradise while it lasts! Like the song..cute..and enjoyed your post on why u lost the HUC challenge.

At 8:35 AM, Blogger DuggleBogey said...

I was at your table at the Blogger Championships. You were still sitting out when I got uncermoniously bounced with my set of queens vs a rivered gutshot.


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