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The First Step

**This just in. Look for my work of fiction, "Message in a Bottle" in Dr. Pauly's e-zine, Truckin'. Sweeet!**

I've taken my first step in my comeback trail. Last night, I revamped my game and came out with an overal profit of $36, which negates my SirFWALgman $20 HU loss and more importantly showed me a clear indication of what works and what doesn't.

I made my profit playing SNGs surprisingly. Specifically, I returned to an old favorite: porno. Er, I mean, Rios. Titan and Noble (god, I hate publicizing my private poker paradise) have a great $20, 6-person SNG, where (get this) 3 out of 6 players are in the money. For all of you mathletes out there, that is 50% of the players. Third place gets only $1 profit, but when you are trying to minimize exposure while maximizing potential profit, it's a great deal. If you place 3rd, it's a wash. 2nd receives $13 in profit. 1st get's $37 profit.

But wait...there's more. If you win 6 Rios in a row, you get a jackpot prize somewhere around $15K or maybe more (it's been a while since I checked). If that sounds too hard, win 1st or 2nd in 6 in a row and get a bonus jackpot of $300.

So, how did I do? Well, in the first Rio, I played ultra-conservative until I was blinded down pretty low. Whenever I'd limp in the SB after everyone else folded before me, the BB would go all-in to steal my pitiful 10 or 20 chips. I let him do it too, since I was usually cold-decked and did not want to put my money all-in even if I was ahead. Remember, the name of the game is survive until 3rd. I was shortstaked in the BB when the player to my left and the SB to my right limped in. I held KcQc. I believe I bet 3x BB, hoping to win it right there. They both called. Ug! Now, since I am playing an SNG and no side games AND since I have been running badly, I decided to concentrate on reading the players. Both were loose. The flop was Ts7s3x. SB checked to me, and I pushed. I had about the amount of the pot and knew that it was time to do something. The player on the left folded and the SB called. UG! Any Ace had me beat. However, he had Js6s for a flush draw...that never came. And suddenly I was back in it (and back to playing uber-tight). As it turned out, I made it to top 3. Then I sat back as the chipleader took out the other guy. I was outchipped by a longshot at this point, but the HUC2 practice helped my heads up game, and I took 1st.

In the second game, I kept my tight play strategy and made moves when appropriate, lasting until the top 3. I again watched the two other players battle back and forth, sticking my nose in only when I had the best of it. I bluffed a little more at this point (which I also did in the first Rio when it was down to 3) because I realize that at that point, players are tightening up AND with less players, most hands miss the flop. I placed 2nd after I hit mid-pair with a good kicker against the chipleader's top pair, shit kicker. But, hey, streak of 2!

Now I was excited. I was chatting with SirF, Veneno and 100-2-Infiity (hereonout, Trauma), and decided to play one more Rio with SirF. Unfortunately, I decided to celebrate in the interim with some namesake. It was a great time playing with SirF, and we got down to the top 4, but I was eventually shortstacked, along with one other player, and decided to make a stand with Ad5d from the button. SirF, in the cutoff, had already folded. The SB (shortstack) folded, but the BB called with AJo and I call it a night.

So, lessons learned include: (i) Stick to low risk games with potentially high payoffs, (ii) concentrate on reading the players at the table, (iii) do not play while under the influence. The funny thing is that I doubt SirF knew I was a little lit. But I knew it, and my play showed it. Sometimes when I'm inebriated, I can still play well. But I'm trying to grind my way up right now, so there isn't time for that sort of gamble. If I need any more proof, I just need to look at my recent success at Genoa, where I am stark sober. On that note, I'll be revisiting my card room of choice for the $40 freezeout tomorrow (Thurs.). Wish me luck.

Final thought: Veneno told me last night to stop with the bitching (my words, not hers) and play some good poker. She thought the PTSD post was an excuse or complaint. Well, V, and readers, generally, the PTSD post was just a thought, and nothing more. I'm doing alright. We all go through down swings (unless you are Scott, that man is a machine), and this was mine. Good times from here on out.

They can take our lives, but they can't take our POKER!!!

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At 12:58 PM, Blogger GaryC said...

"Life" has been kicking me in the junk for the last three days, but tonight, I start my comeback.

Good post, J. I'm still out here, just trying to fade some variance of life right now.


At 2:20 PM, Blogger Fat Dan said...

I can't belive those tourney pay out to top 3 of 6. I need to get some money in over there. Great post(s). Looks like I have some reading to do on this site.

Good stuff.

At 2:58 PM, Blogger Jordan said...

Thank Fat Dan. But really, Dan. If you are fat, you should not name yourself Fat Dan. It's insensitive to the weightily challenged. How about Big Dan? or XL Dan? That's it! XL Dan. Congratulations on your new lease in life.

But all that aside, I can't help but feel great when someone who is not on my payroll says something nice about me and my blogging! See mother, I'm not wasting my life!

At 8:21 PM, Blogger davee3283 said...

hey jordan,
just wanted to say that I also have enjoyed the last few posts and think that the rios sound extremely interesting (those bonus sound awesome - specially the $300)

and the PTSD I thought was an funny analogy, good times...

I guess I've enjoyed them so much as I can def sympathise re: the re-building phase... the other night I played and I was tired, I think I started at 1am... and then I went to a table way above my bankroll (again)... needless to say my PStars Broll is crippled and I dont ant it to dissappear, so grind at lower limits it is... good sess last night playing 0.5/$1 made $12 into $30 and came 5th/45 in a SNG for a $20 profit... but def not out of troubs yet

At 11:07 PM, Blogger STeelerJosh said...

Congrats on Truckin... great read. If I am ever in New York and need to write in green...

Keep making the good decisions and trust your gut. It will fall into place.


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