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I'm burning through my bankroll lately, and I don't have any idea what is going on. I'm down to a little over $300 after an atrocious night last night. None of my cards were holding up. I was playing too loose in 1/2 limit. I was not maximizing my good hands in NL. I was playing like poop, plain and simple.

So, why was I playing like poop? Well, some of it wasn't me. I had people draw out on me a couple of times (see Donkey Pic).

But then there were my errors. I hit the nuts or two pair or another solid hand, and then I'd either slowplay it into nothingness or bet it into oblivion. Where were my value bets? I think the issue was part fear of being drawn out, but mostly a failure on my part to evaluate my table image. In some of my homegames I can bet big and get paid off, because I know the table and they think I am an over-aggressive bluffer. But, clearly, at the tables I was playing at last night, that was not my image. I guess I looked like a rock-light. I mean, no one was pushing me around, but also, no one was calling my large bets. Hell, the truth is, I still don't know what my table image was.

The other problem was loosening up at limit. I ended up playing some 2/4 for a while with GCox, which was disasterous. This is a reoccurring problem for me. I'll lose some hands and all of a sudden I'm a drawing donkey. I want to win it back, so QJo is ok pre-flop for a limp. I swear, I must've seen QJo or QJs about 2 dozen times last night.

So, now I need to finish up my Noble bonus (only one $10 bonus remaining), and then re-evaluate my game. I also have to wait for my money to clear at Neteller (from Noble and PokerRewards) and start a new promotion. It occurs to me that I have to finish any promotion within 30 days, so I'll have to work extra hard, as I am getting married in less than 3 weeks. Ah, goals!

Okay, time to shower. Poker anyone?

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