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Making Moves

Wow! What a difference a day makes. Last night, fiance Kim and I had an easy night. She was feeling under the weather, and wanted to go to sleep on the early side for a Friday. By10:45pm, she was crawling into bed. I covertly signed up for the $20 freezeout on Noble and shot GCox a quick IM with my plans. When Kim was out cold, around 11:05pm, I snuck back into the living room for my poker game. DNasty and GCox were signed up, and TripJax was railbirding. Kipper was chatting too, but seemed pretty engrossed in his game.

84 players entered the tournament. I didn't keep notes or copy-and-paste my IM play by play, so I'll cut to the chase. I placed 6th and won $139 for my troubles. GCox and I also entered the midnight $5 rebuy MTT on Noble, where he bubbled in 11th. I was out in the 20s, but at that point, fatigue had set in. DNasty also had a very impressive 20th place out of 400 on UB's midnight $10 freezeout. While we are all disappointed for GCox's bubble finish, it was a very impressive night for my blogging crew.

The big win was very necesary. I've been running cold all week, so this brings my bankroll back to just short of $400. It would be higher, but this morning I also finished the PokerRewards bonus, for $50, which I promptly gave up (and then some) while finishing the additional 100 raked hands required for the PSO PokerRewards Bonus. I withdrew $141, my whole PokerRewards bankroll, which means that I actually lost $10 during my tenure there. This last day had been bad. But overall, the $50 bonus kept me up, and that, frankly, is good. Good enough at least. After all, my goal is to continue to break even until I earn my iPod (no thanks to you!). On that subject, are you thinking about signing up for PSO, where you can get free stuff along with the usual bonuses offered at various sites? Well if so, bonus code: HighOnPoker, fuckface!

Ah, so I withdrew the $141.50 to Neteller, in preparation for my next PSO promotion. I also withdrew $100 from Noble, for use at PSO or UB (where blogger friends often congregate).

As for PSO, this time I'll be sure to use the code: PSOSEPT and receive 9000 PSO points instead of the meager 6000 I got for the PokerRewards promotion. Next destination is a toss-up between Titan Poker, Pacific Poker and Carribean Sun Poker.

Titan is the same as Noble, which has generally been good to me. The biggest reason for Titan is their juicy 100% bonus. However, I'm trying to diversify over different sites, so that I can play more with bloggers on the spur of the moment. So, this is the same as putting my money back in Noble (they share the same games/tables). Plus, I think I should wait until I can put a shite load of cash there and really get a nice bonus. One can hope.

I don't know much about Carribean or Pacific, so any information is greatly appreciated. Paradise seems to have a low bonus requirement (250 raked hands), but they only count hands where you put into the pot. At Carribean, the raked hands requirement is 750, but they count any hands while you are sitting, even if you don't put a dime into the pot. The obvious benefit is that you can play uber-tight on several tables and rake in the bonus. Another thing to consider is the size of the cash bonuses at each site. For Carribean it is a mere 50$ max, but it also says $40/mo. I have no idea what that means. Paradise is up to 100$, but is only 25%. Do you see the problem? I'm only depositing $200 max, and probably only the minimum $100 (as per PSO's promotion). So, Carribean looks like the winner.

Other possible sites include: Paradise (750 pts, any raked hands count, 25% up to 50$), and Gaming Club (2400 pts presumably earned at a different scale, any raked hands, up to $300 with no details offered).

So, any suggestions or info? It would be greatly appreciated.

On the live poker front, I don't expect to play any this week. On Friday, I have to go to South New Jersey for work. It's a 2 and 1/2 hr drive. On Saturday night, I have my bachelor party in AC, which is a 3 hr drive (AC is in South Jersey too). So...I booked a room at Tropicana Friday night. Roose is going to join, and there will be more poker action for Jordo. Interestingly, the room was $250 on Trop's site. On, it was $100! That is absurdly low for the Trop on a summer-ish weekend. Done and done!

That's all folks. Drop me a comment and lend me some advice on those sites if you know anything.

Gracias, Pokerino.

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At 2:10 PM, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Well done on making the money in that mtt.Never an easy task.

Only played couple of freerolls on Pacific.Its got the worlds worst software but also the world worst players.
You should do well if the gamplay doesn't tilt you.
Good luck.
Little Acornman


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