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I wanted to make this a You Decide (see links on the right), but it would be disingenuous. At the end of this post, I will post the last hand of a tournament I played tonight. I think I played the hand perfectly. But I am the self proclaimed Devil Advocate of Poker Bloggers, so please feel free to tell me if I'm wrong. (I'm not though).

I played in 2 games tonight, a Maui SNG and a Million $ SNG. If you don't know the drill, I'll give it to you one. more. time. I have already placed 2nd in a Maui. With a streak of 5 1st or 2nd place finishes, I get a bonus $200. But that is irrelevant. Why? Because I lost, so my streak is 0. I played with Kip and my KK ran into JJ ran into AA...and the Js won. The truth is, even with Ks, I shouldn't have gone all-in. It was too early. If you put yourself in situations like that too often, you'll lose sooner or later. Maybe TT sucks you out, or AJ hits an A, but you'll lose. And our goal is to set up a streak. So you cannot take that chance too early. Now later on...

When I started with Kip (who placed 2nd and thereby avenged me), I had already been in the beginning of a Million $ Jackpot SNG, where if you can win several different jackpots up to $1 Million for a streak of 7 first place finishes. My immediate goal is to reach the lowest prize (1st or 2nd, 5 in a row for $250), but the next step (5 1st place finishes for $25K) would be a real hoot. Yes. I said hoot. Fuck you.

As it turns out, I won the damn Million $ SNG, thereby giving me a streak of 2 wins. Three more and I'm getting paid. I want to play one right now, but, as I told DNasty, I will only play one a night to ensure that I am fresh. Consider this. I placed 2nd in a Maui. A night later, I place 1st in a Million. Tonight, I place 1st in a Million again. I also played a second game a duffed it. Hypothetically, if I stick to one game a night (at least one that matters), I think my game will be sharper. I can still play inconsequencial (for streaks at least) SNGs, but not those Million $ SNGs. That's for when papa's got time to think. I'm playing strong. Which brings me to the final hand of the tourney.

Heads-up is so much easier post HUC, especially when the blinds are high. Aggression goes a long way, as does a little mind here and there. The player mentioned very early in the tourney that it was his first time on this site. I called him rookie, and as he raked in monster hand after monster hand, I threw out "beginner's luck" or some other crack. And he laughed: "lol". It got to the point where I even tried to get him to use my PSO code. By the way, it's HighOnPoker, fools! Sign up now and I'll name my new iPod after you!

So, when it's down to me and him, I fire out. "Just you and me, rookie." I'm going smoke his ass like it was salmon. I played a bit aggessive, but only with min raises and continuation bets. And here we go:

I have 5150, and m2j has 4850. I'm dealt 55 in the BB (400). He calls in the SB. I want him to call, so I bet minimum. He's conditioned to think it's a mere reflex for me. The flop is AQ5, rainbow, which is as ideal as it gets. I check to him, praying he has an Ace. He bets 400. Okay, I'll call. It was too early to check-raise. The turn was a 3, offsuit! It couldn't get much better. Check. He bets 800. Time to act. I re-raise to 1600. He pushes all-in. If I lose, I'll only have 300. But who are we kidding? I'm not losing. I call, and he show A3s. I took it down fierce-like. My instincts were right and my timing was right. God bless me.

Atlantic City tomorrow. Ahhhhhhhhhhh................

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At 10:07 AM, Blogger GaryC said...

Yes indeed, brother, you DO ROCK! I'll talk to you some time on Sunday night.



At 10:53 AM, Blogger TripJax said...

be sure to look into the iPod Nano if you are using the gift card route. i haven't checked pricing on it, but it is wicked small and if it's only $50 more or something it might be the way to go...

At 3:07 PM, Blogger Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...

Nice raise on that to get him to commit.


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