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Its been a long day at the office, but I still have to hand around for another 10 minutes or so, to ensure that I don't miss an important phone call. But surfing the Internet got boring, so here I am.

Tomorrow, I was supposed to play in a home game at Robbie Hole's place. Robbie Hole or any of my live-action friends haven't got a lot of screen time at my blog recently, due in large part to the distraction of the SNG challenge and my otherwise anti-social schedule. Unfortunately (sorta) Hole's game lacks the necessary players, so it isn't going to happen. However, I expect a game sometime next week at my place, Eight-C Duesy (for apt. 8C). I'm also looking forward to the first game at my new apartment in early August. My new "card room" name will be the Five Diamond Poker Club, for apt. 5D. Same building, because it just doesn't get better than my apt building. In the end, the cancelled Hole game might be a blessing, since fiance Kim won't be around until 8pm tonight, and I wanted to cook for her tomorrow. Yep, you read right. Jordan from High On Poker does the cooking in the house. Fiance Kim does the laundry, and by that I mean she runs the machines, but I still do the lifting and help with folding. All in all, its actually a good system, since I like cooking. Its an extension of art, when done right.

Oh, art. There is another topic. Jordan is a man of many diverse tastes. One is art. Specifically, my art, which is really just artistic masturbation. If you saw my recent post with the playing card collage, you see what sort of stuff I do. Its not all collages. In fact, that was my first one ever. But I am not a "fine artist". I'm rather industrial, and will use whatever is available to me. Some of my best works (in my humble opinion) are my wire sculptures. I use a rusty wire used in construction, and some of the stuff that I end up with is pretty sweet. Look for future pics. After all, if I make this shit, I might as well have someone see it.

Poker has replaced art in my life, in some respects. I used to do a lot of art in high school. I was good at it, but not the best. That discouraged me, as I knew I could never cut it commercially and I hate being 2nd place (you wouldnt know from my SNG play though). So, I went to college for Finance and Political Science. My art dropped off, but I'd get inspired in little spurts, especially when I had free time on my hands. Now, free time is for poker, which is probably largely unhealthy for my fragile psyche. When my father saw me carrying the frame that was to become the collage, he asked me why I insisted on buying it right away. I told him it was for an art idea I wanted to get right to. When I was packing up, apparently he said to fiance Kim that he was glad I was doing art. "It's therapuetic," he said. He's right. And I can use some right now. With the SNG challenge going poorly, my self-doubt at the tables, my anti-social routine, and my less-than-spectacular days at work, I can use all the help I can get.

The card-collage was the first artistic endeavor I have pursued in months. It was definitely fun mixing two of my hobbies, and maybe next, I'll do a painting or drawing of animals playing poker. Not dogs. No, that's typical. Maybe birds, or a gazelle, zebra, etc. Any suggestions? You know what to do. This is a forum people. Comment comment comment.

So, I guesss that's it. The phone hasn't rang, and I'm tire of waiting. Look for me at UB, as HighOnPokr. Maybe you can see some of my witty table banter, which is rapidly becoming my trademark.

Poker's a plenty for everyone.

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