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The Errs of My Ways

I am currently reading Harrington on Hold'em, a book that was highly recommended by several bloggers and friends. While I'm currently focusing on limit, and Harrington's book is about NL tournaments, I'm enjoying it so far. I really like the sections where he provides "problems" where he presents a scenario and asks what you would do. He then provides the actual result of the hand/move. I scored really well on the earlier problems. A little later on, I was off a bit more, but overall, I guess I'm playing decent poker according to Harrington. Even so, I did learn a couple of things which I found very useful.

The most useful so far (or at least the most interesting) is his advice about watching your opponents at live games. First off, he suggested watching the players' hands, because players are conscious about controlling their face or posture, but they neglect to control their hands. Interesting. It's definitely something I will look out for in the future (both in my opponents and in me). Second, he suggested that new players only concentrate on three players at a full table, the two players to their left and the one on their right. When they feel they have a good read, they can expand to the third on their left and the second on their right. When I play live, I tend to watch the people sitting across from me. I have a straight view, I can see their face. It always made sense to me. But now I realize that I was wasting my time. Harrington is right. You play the most hands with the players near you. So, even though they are at the corner of my eye or are blocked by the player immediately next to me, these are the players I need to watch. Thanks Dan!

The other lessons I learned was about the limit challenge. I dropped from my high of +150 to +106. Its a big dip, and I'm less than thrilled about it. I'm just hoping that DNasty doesn't make any strides, as last check he was up about 30. I'll keep playing, even though a more conservative player might rest on his laurels. Not me though, I'm a gambler.

The lessons I learned are the following: (1) Variance is a bitch. I wasn't playing THAT poorly. Admittedly, I wasn't on my A-game, but when you are holding good cards and you aren't hitting flops, or if the flops you hit are sucked out, you can't do anything but take your lickings. (2) Hand Selection is the Most Important Part of MY Game. It might not be everyone's most important part, but for me, I have to get back into a hand selection mantra. "When holding A X, I know that folding's best." or "K ten isn't my friend." Or the ever popular, "6 6 can suck my #$%^". Okay, maybe that was a bit harsh on 66. But I have to start playing less hands. Its difficult in 6-person tables because the blinds come around fast and I always thing, "Well, there are only three players left, so my QT might be good." It ain't. Besides, when I hit big, they pay me off, so I can probably stand to lose some blinds. Ugh.

I am looking forward to getting back to the tables. I need to shake off this bit of variance and poor play. I want to reach the 1/2 tables, but I don't think it is going to happen before the limit challenge is over (July 10th). Once the SNG challenge starts, I will withdraw most (if not all) of my Noble Poker money. Its about time I logged my win on my win/loss calendar. For newer readers, I only count it as a win when I withdraw my money online. I count it as an immediate loss when I deposit. That's conservative accouinting for you!

Poker for all!

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