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There was a great article in Rolling Stone about the Crew. Check it out, as it gives some insight into the messed up world of professional poker when you are under 30. Its a real warts-and-all article. Kudos to Rolling Stone and kudos to the Crew for the unflinching look at their background and life.

My limit challenge is moving along. I believe I am up $26, which isn't too shabby. I have to reach +$60 to move from .25/.50. I can't wait, dammit! Thank god for the challenge, as I've recently played two SNGs and lost. At least the limit keeps me paced and in games that I can afford (given swings).

According to Howard Lederer, the average winning hand in poker is two pair! Interesting statistic. The real relevancy is that too many people overvalue top pair. I'm going to keep this in mind in the future. Then again, in the .25/.50 6-person limit table, I don't think you can overvalue any hand. These screwballs will play with anything.

Desi invited me to a home game tomorrow. It looks like his game is drying up, which is a real shame. I made some good money at Desi's. I can't make the game because I have plans to drink $1 beers in NYC. Anyone want to join? As it turns out, I also don't feel like playing live poker. After Vegas in March, it took me a couple of days or weeks to shake off that feeling of poker disgust. I liken it to leaving a buffet after over-eating. Dinner time might roll around, but you just can't seem to get in the mood to eat again. The same thing happened after my recent Atlantic City trip. It took me several days to start up online again, and now it is taking me several more to get up the desire (or the nerve) to play in a live game. It doesn't help that I am in the red for the year, down about $75.

I recently read that Newbie is down $500, which seems like a tough swing by the way he talks about his financial situation. Good luck Newbie. Slow down and work on your game. Patience is a virtue, especially in poker.

GCox25 started a blog. If the name sounds familiar, its because I wrote about him in my write-up of Dr. Pauly's freeroll on Noble Poker. Check out the write-up here. I had a great time playing against him. I was also honored when he mentioned me in his blog along with some blogging heavy-hitters. He even emailed me to ask for some tips as to his new blog. Best tip I can offer is blog daily. I got that one from Pauly. On that note, check out Pauly's coverage of the WSOP.

That's all for today. Pokers Up!

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At 5:19 PM, Blogger GaryC said...

Thanks for the pimpage buddy. I really appreciate it.


At 10:28 PM, Blogger Jordan said...

Hey GCox, aka Gary. My pleasure. As my role-model Snoop Dogg said, Pimpin' ain't easy, buy yo it ain't hard no.


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