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Onward and Upward

Progress is a fine thing. I just finished playing an hour of the limit challenge, and I ran roughshod over a table. In the end, I was up just short of $20 for the hour, and that places my grand total limit challenge at +57. I thought that would be enough to move up to .50/1, but upon a review of the rules, I realize that I am 3$ short. Not to worry. I can earn those 3 in no time. At this point, it isn't even about winning the challenge against DNasty (although its a nice addition). Its all about building my bankroll responsibly. The limit challenge has allowed me to pace my play, and keep my limits at a good amount compared to my bankroll. This has been one of my weak points in the past, so I cannot complain. Beyond that, the challenge has really help my poker confidence.

Moving on, check out Iggy's blog. Iggy was kind enough to mention my humble blog, and ever since I've had another spike in hits. I can't thank him enough.

Finally, is it just me or is the Poker Royale series on GSN some of the worst poker programming around. Its nothing specific. It just seems cheap and desperate. Its like they are trying to appeal to complete morons. There's just too much poker on tv for me to waste my time on their gimmicky crap.

Whew! Bed time. Thanks for reading. I'll keep pokering and posting.

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