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Hammer to the Limit

Just a quick entry. First off, I'm currently playing as I type, and my online bankroll is now at $120. That is a $50 profit overall, which is not too shabby. Actually, by now I should have been at a higher profit, but currently, any profit is good. As for the limit challenge, I am up about $22, but I need to be up about 60 before I move up a level. Its eluding me, but at least I am enjoying the trip.

Now its Hammer Time! Thanks to the blogosphere, I have incorporated the hammer, 72o, into my playable hands. However, I generally avoid throwing it in limit games. In no limit, I can often bluff my way to success, even when the hammer does not hit. But in no limit, you have to hit to make the hand profitable, since most of these yahoos won't fold to anything.

Today, I had won a couple of hands in a row when 27o was dealt to me to the right of the button. It was a five handed game, and I decided to try my luck. The UTG folded. I raised pre-flop and the button called. The SB folded. BB called. The flop was K27. BB checked. I bet. Both called. The river was a 2! Full house, with the hammer. BB checked. I bet. They both...folded! They never fold. GODDAMNIT! At least I won the hand. Of course I had to show my cards, and type "HAMMER!" No one got it.

On a final note, I spent the weekend at a bachelor party, wedding rehearsal dinner and wedding. I spent much of the time with fiance Kim's friend's date. He mentioned a business he had in Florida selling lewd t-shirts over the Internet. I checked it out and it is pretty good. They have some funny stuff, so if you are interested in taking a look, please do by CLICKING HERE.. The business is called it. Slut Tee. Whatever. I thought it was funny. The guy's name is Adam. If you are interested and put in an order, feel free to mention that Jordan sent you. I get nothing from this. He's a good guy, the business looks good and the shirts are funny, so I just want to help the guy out if I can. On that note, he was considering starting a Poker section. My idea was a chick's baby-tee with the saying He's All In! with an arrow pointing down, or a guy's shirt with I'm All In! with the arrow pointing down. Does that make sense? Maybe not, but its just an idea.

Holla Back! I'm out.

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