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WOOOHOOO!! Last night, I lost some more money on the limit challenge. I was playing kind of loosely, and I wasn't catching anything. I can't fault myself for the loose play as the 6-seater tables practically demand it, especially considering that the table was often not full.

I messed up on one hand in particular. I had Jc9c on the button and limped in. The SB called, and BB raised. I called.

The flop was KcQcx, so I had a second nut flush draw. BB raised and I called. SB called too. The next card was a low club. I hit my flush. SB raised, BB called, and I re-raised. I was aware that the SB may have Ac. He either had the flush or was drawing to the nuts. My fear was confirmed when he re-raised me. BB folded, and I called. The river was the 10c. Now, I can just about bet that the BB has the nut flush, beating my J high flush. He bets. I raise. He re-raises. I call, knowing that I lost. Sure enough, he had Ac6c, but then something odd happened. The chips came to me. What?! I didn't understand at first, until I realized that I rivered a straight flush.

Another player asked me why I didn't re-raise on the end. I admitted that I was two-tabling and didn't realize that I had the straight flush.

I lost the SNG in 3rd place (top 2 pay). I lost some more on the Limit Challenge. I am now up about $14. Its enough to stay ahead of DNasty, but he can catch up any day now.

So, today I check my AOL. After reading assorted emails, I check my spam folder. AOL always seems to put some important emails in the spam folder, and this time it was a message from Noble Poker. I expected it to be another offer for some tournament, but as it turned out, it was to inform me that they credited my account $33.33 for having the highest hand of the day. So, I lost about $.50-1 by not re-raising, but the $33 is a nice consolation prize. I have to admit, I'm really liking Noble. I've been moderately successful, the bonuses are good, and they keep throwing extra money at me.

That's it for now. Come back later for more Poker hijinx.

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At 7:32 PM, Blogger TripJax said...

Sup Jordan,

Thanks for the comment on the blog. When I switched from to I lost some links so I'm glad you reminded me...I requested people who got dropped to let me know and you're the first to do so. I knew you'd be on top of things.

Also thanks for the excellent right up about the poker boom you left as a comment a few posts back. That was exactly the type of answer I was looking for.

You should be back on my links now...catch you at the tables...glad you like the new look...


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