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Dreaming Poker

I had a dream last night. I can only remember bits and pieces, but I remember that I was sitting at a table in a non-descript room with a bunch of friends. An old Asian man sat down next to me with a stack of chips. I look around and realize that the table we are sitting at is turning into a poker game. I ask what they are going to play, and I expect them to say $2/4 limit, but instead I am told by the dealer (who is in the process of sitting down) that the game is 7-card stud. The table and players were still settling down. I recall one or two old ladies and an old man at the table too. The rest of the players were non-descript. I remember some cards being dealt around the table, 2 down, 1 up, but in my head it was almostI got up and headed over to the cage to get chips. I remember seeing Roose by the cage and we had a short conversation. He was already up a bit. I never got to the cage, as there was a lot of people traffic and it was almost as though some force was keeping me from it. I think I also realized that I had no cash, so I took a walk to my hotel room. Oddly, I did not have to go outside at all to get to my hotel room, and it was not like my dream took place in a hotel/casino. It was more of a large catering room. It felt like my hotel room was in a totally separate building. However, "outside" was really just a wide hallway, with almost a hangar-like roof (albeit low). I guess it was sort of like the exposed steel rafter roofs they have in skating rinks. Anyway, long story short (I know...too late) I was unable to play. There were just too many obstacles.

So, there you have it. My dream about poker. I've had other poker dreams before, in which I just went over hands. As Roose would say, this puts me from High to Extreme on the sliding scale of poker addiction.

Had a good night drinking yesterday at the John Street Bar & Grill with one of my old college buddies and some of the younger guys in my old fraternity. Won a game of darts (catepillar) even though I was way rusty (and drunk). Gotta love $10 all you can drink deals. They are rare in NYC.

The limit challenge made a -.50 move last night due to some half-ass, half-drunk plays. I was multi-tabling with a 6 person $5 NLHE tournament, in which I took first place. So, even though I lost a minor .50 in the limit challenge, outside of the limit challenge, I took a quick $15.50 uptick. Can't complain one bit.

I've got a great idea for a posting, which will be put up later today or tomorrow. As a preview, the concept is this: a case study of the tables at the Taj Mahal, with a focus on the types of players for each game (Limit Hold'Em, NL Hold'Em, Stud, and Omaha). Stay tuned...

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