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The Cut

You know, I spend so much time making myself pretty and they end up cutting all of my lines in the Style Network's The Look for Less. Tonight, an episode of the obscure makeover show starring my brother's fiance aired. During the filming, I was interviewed, but alas, they cut all of my lines. I did, however, get some fine air time in the background at the reveal. And fiance Kim looked great on her TV debut. So I guess all is not lost.

Speaking of not losing, I did just that. After an hour and a half of .25/.50 limit, in pursuit of the next level of the limit challenge, I won $2.30...and then I wondered why I wasted so much time for $2.30. For poker baby! I could play for pennies and still be happy as a pig in excriment. Damn I want to play higher stakes though...patience. patience.

For any newer readers, let me explain the limit challenge. Fellow blogger DNasty found a posting on Double A's blog which laid out a format for playing limit hold'em. Start with a set amount of money. It sounded like an interesting idea, but to make in the interest of the sport, DNasty and I entered into a battle of poker stamina. We would play the limit challenge against each other. The game will last 6 months, until Sunday, July 10th. The player with the most money at the end gets $25. The challenge's structure is as follows: With $50 each, we play .25/.50 limit ONLY. Once the bankroll reaches $110, we can move up to the .50/1 tables. Then when the bankroll reaches $215, we move to 1/2; $370 to 2/4 and so on. There are also drop-back levels. For instance, if I'm at .50/1 and drop to less than $100, I'm put back at .25/.50.

Okay, so I am maybe less than $5 away from moving to .50/1, and I can't wait. Noble only has one .25/.50 table and its 6-handed, so it should be interesting two-tabling again and playing at full tables. I'd be smart to stick to single-tabling shorthanded games, but we'll see. It feels good to me making progress. If I can actually grind this $50 into $500, I'd be amazed. I play small stakes, so I would have no problem grinding this out over months. I've got to admit though, there is always that itch...

Take Care of Yourself, and Your Poker.

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At 10:55 AM, Blogger D said...

I used my DVR to record the show, no way was I watching the whole thing. Watching the first 5 mins and then they reveal that the man is black. Ok, unless Jordan is adopted, I think I am watching the wrong segment. Fast forward to the end reveal, how disappointing. All ready to rig my DVR to my computer to get some HighonPoker drops to load into my computer. words, just a couple, hey I want to be on TV shots in the back ground. At least you were on TV, thats cool. I have only been on Cops once and Intervention on the discovery channel. Apparently being addicted to gambling, hookers and Socom Navy Seals is a problem. Who knew??? Just kidding, I was never on these shows, I wouldnt sign the release.

As for the limit challenge...I played nothing of it this weekend. I think my total is 63.43, up 13.43. Nothing to cheer about, but my success at royal has kept me in their tourneys instead of the limit challenge. FInished 13th this weekend for 89$ out of 243. The first place of 2500 seemed soo damn close.

At 11:01 AM, Blogger STeelerJosh said...

The tasering that DNasty took on that episode of COPS really explains a lot. After extensive speech therapy, he has almost conquered his St-St-Stutter and his bowel control has improved to that of a 75 year old man. Keep up the hard work DNasty, we are all proud of you.

At 5:58 PM, Blogger Jordan said...

DNasty, that was you on Cops?! What's a Mexican doing on Cops? Peculiar! Yeah, they cut all of my speaking parts, which is especially disheartening, since I spent $2000 and 5 weeks with a speech coach in preparation for the big day. I won't let it go to waste though. Look for my expose' on America's Most Wanted...stay tuned!

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