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You Decide #4

I lost both of the $40 tournaments at Mikey Aps tonight. In the 2nd one, I was the first to lose the the third hand. The hand went like this:

8 players, 100 chips each, 1/2 blinds. I am the BB. I look down to see 44.

Most fold. Tony, UTG, calls. All fold to Mikey Aps, who is on the button Aps raises it to 8 total. I call, thinking that Aps is a loose player trying to steal. Tony raises it another 6! Wha? Aps calls. Should I call? Well, I did.

The flop was: 874, rainbow. I check. Tony raises 16, Aps folds. I go all in for 70 more. Should I have pushed so hard? Tony called. I triumphantly announce, "Trips 4s." He says, "Sevens." As in, Trips 7s! To make it worse, he hits the 4th 7 on the river. And I'm out.

Did I play this wrong? Advice and opinions are appreciated.


Woe! I'm playing online. .25/.50 NL, with $20 buy in. In an oddly paralell and creepy hand, I was on the BB with QQ. A player raises at me, and I raised back. He called. The flop was Q8x. I raise. He goes all in. I call. I have the nuts, trips Q. He has...trips 8s!. Its practically the same situation as in my home game, except this time I won! He, of course, left the table immediately. I can't blame him. I was out of Mikey Aps' apartment as fast as my legs would carry me.

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At 6:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This hand is kind of funny. It's a classic scenario which is difficult, if not impossible to get away from.

The call in the BB after the button raised is not a bad call. You were anticipating to see a cheap flop, and you were getting 2-1 on your call(calling 6 to win 13). When Tony raised the 6, this was a bit odd. Since he limped UTG and instead of calling did a limp re-raise, I would put him in on a hand at least a coin-flip or you're dominated.

The problem lies then if you want to call the bet or just toss it in the muck. The majority of the time I would toss it in, because I am hoping to outflop an opponent. The only flop where you would feel completely comfortable, would be with a 4. The odds of the set would be 8.28-1, and you're not getting that in the pot. A call here is not bad though, if you believe either of these players are capable of raising with nothing.

Once the flop came, you were almost committed. Not much can be done here.

I apologize this analysis isn't as indepth as the previous, preflop was the only criticism available, because after the flop, it's tough to get away from.

At 7:28 PM, Blogger Jordan said...

Thanks for another great analysis. I appreciate the fact that you don't mind my call pre-flop. I hoped to get in, hit a 4 and raise, or miss and fold. I hit it, without regard to whether my opponent hit his card. It happens. Next time I will be more conscious.

That said, if you have a blog please let me know. If you don't and ever want to share a thought on here, please post a comment or send me an email and I'd be glad to make you a guest-poster. Clearly you know what you are talking about, and any input into the site is appreciated.


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