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Profitable Poker

Wow! I just withdrew another $50 from my online account, after bringing my online bankroll to $200. My logic is this: I won the tournament and left $125 in my account. I figured that once I reached $200, I could withdraw $50, and have $150 in my account. This will allow me to continue at my higher stakes and build my bankroll, while taking a definite profit out. So, my next goal is to reach $220 or $225 (I haven't decided yet). Then I will withdraw another $50 and be left with $170 or $175 online. My bankroll will expand, but I will still have my $50 profit locked away. Hopefully, I can continue my recent success.

On Monday, I have my home game, assuming I can scrap up enough people. Usually, I don't win at my own home. There are too many distractions to play solid poker. But, at least my online poker is turning profitable (slowly). Thanks for reading, and Happy Poker!

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