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High Times

Hey folks. After last night's Aps loss, I decided to play some .25/.50 NL, to win back my money. Generally, this is never a good idea. However, by the end of the night, I won $60 online. I don't count that in my winnings for the year because I have yet to withdraw the funds from Golden Palace. However, it was a great moral victory, and brought my online bankroll to $144.

To make matters better, I was playing this morning on two .25/.50 NL tables. On one, I eventually lost my $20 buy in. In one miserable hand, I had about $12, and someone pre-flop went all-in with $11. I called with my QQ. He had K8 suited...and hit the flush! Dumba$$.

However, on the other table, I doubled up. I was at about $40, when the chipleader with $60 raised all in. Interestingly, a raiser before me raised to 1.50. I called with JJ. Chipleader came over the top with all his chips. I've seen him go all in before with 66. I thought about it. I had to call, but $40 was a lot of dough. I called...and he had 99. Ka ching! He didn't hit his cards, and I was up to $80.

My Golden Palace bankroll is now at $187 or so. I plan to withdraw $50 when I hit $200. My winnings for the year are at $264, so the $50 (if I hit $200) will allow me to break the $300 mark again. Even so, I am behind my goal of $100 per month. Hopefully my online success will continue. Thanks for reading. If you get a chance, respond to You Decide #4. I really could use anyone's opinion. I'm still not sure if I should've called the pre-flop raises. I'm fairly confident about my all-in, but others may think differently. Holla back and happy poker!

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