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Dipping Toes, and My Apology to Limit Holdem

Yesterday, I dipped my toes into the poker waters, for the first time since my ego-crushing, profit-draining trip to Vegas. I played in an extremely low-limit limit hold'em game. Low limit as in .05/.10. Granted, such amounts are ridiculous. But I only have about $3 in my Golden Palace account, and given my recent Vegas loss, I was not anxious to put in any more (we'll see about tonight, though). After about 20-30 minutes of play, I was interrupted by Kim, my fiance'. This was fine by me, as my playing was merely an effort to dip my toe into the pool of poker to see if I was ready to get back to swimming. I ended about even, which is fine by me, since limit isn't my game, and at one point I had been down a whole $1.50!

Let me take this time to apologize to Limit Hold'em. In a past post, I insulted Limit as being checkers to no limits chess. I still agree with that statement, generally. However, I see a great benefit in limit, especially after my casino play. In limit, I can control my losses. Note, I can't control my winnings, like in no limit, when I can push players out for a small pot, or push them in, for a large pot. But in limit, I can call down a player without fear of losing too much. I can know, more or less, that if I keep check-calling, I'll lose x amount, if my hand doesn't hit, or I'm playing against the nuts. So, it seems to me that Limit has its uses. I will play some more in the near future, hopefully, and see how it goes. A little limit, a little no limit. A virtual shmorgesboard of poker flavors. I can't wait. Happy Poker!

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