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St. Patty's Day

Not much in the way of poker yesterday. I played a couple of dirt-cheap $1 single-table tournaments (STTs, aka SNGs, aka sit n' go's). The stakes are low, but it allows me to play a little without having to worry about all the interruptions and distractions around me. As I've stated in earlier posts, I'm leery of online poker, because it seems to be a black hole into which I pour my money. So, I play low stakes to keep the siphoning of funds to a negligible level.
I got into a 1$ STT (single table tournament, aka, sit n' go), and lost on the bubble (4th place). It was a turbo game, so blinds were increasing at a ridiculous pace. I got lucky on a couple of occasions, but otherwise the only exciting thing happening was my three-way trash talk with some players. For me, talking smack just makes the game more interesting. I have a strategy. I try to anger players, with the hope that they will come at me hard and slip up. Put them on tilt, if I can. Sometimes, I try to distract them. I'll start mean, and then I'll apologize. Tell them that they misunderstood what I was saying, or that I was just joking and they should not be so sensitive. Again, I am hoping that the distraction will effect their game and put them on tilt. There is one major drawback. Sometimes, I get so into the smack talk that I don't pay as much attention to the action at the table. This can hurt me, so in the future, I've got to watch that.
Ok, so talking smack is rude and childish. I agree wholeheartedly. But I am online, and I don't have to be kind or mature as per the other players. If I was at a casino, it would be different. But I am not, so let the smack talking commence.
Hopefully, I can get some games in tonight. If so, I am going to do my best to concentrate and take notes so I can discuss some hands on here. But realistically, it is Saint Patrick's Day, so I don't know if Ole Man Guinness will allow me much mental capacity. Happy St. Pat's everyone.

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