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The Scared Kitten

I have not played poker since Vegas. In fact, for the first two days after the trip, whenever I thought about poker, I felt sick. I was supposed to play in a $20 NL Holdem online poker tournament last night, a WPBT even (World Poker Bloggers Tour), but I couldn't bring myself to put $50 into Party Poker. I'm a scared kitten. Prior to Vegas, I was on a $500 run. I was playing great poker and was looking forward to hitting at least $1200 for the year (a then-modest goal). But now, post-Vegas, I'm up only $40 or so. I'm licking my wounds and cowering in the corner.

Ironically, my absence from poker may be good for me. I don't want to return to poker while a scared kitten. It could only lead to disaster at the tables. I feel that confidence is a great pre-requisite to high-quality poker playing. You must have the confidence to bet a strong hand without fear of the nuts (in moderation, of course). You must have the confidence to call a bet that is probably a bluff, but could have you beat. Now, you don't want to do this all of the time. Sometimes you are beat. But the confidence is an important element when making that decision. If you are unconfident you may fold the better hand, and players will keep picking at you until you're folding everything.

That said, I was hoping to get a game together at my place on Friday night. The infinite wisdom of the poker gods fouled my attempt. Many of my poker regulars are unavailable. This, conveniently, buys me more time to lick my wound. I am definitely playing on Monday at Desi's place. Its a wild loose game, but I've done well there, winning at least 5 times and losing at most twice (the first time being a long while ago). So, there it is. The kitten will hopefully grow to a full tiger between then and now. I'll try to coddle him. Bring him up on some Golden Palace until he is as strong as possible. But either way, I'm playing on Monday. That mix of fear and excitement is a mighty fine cocktail. Damn, I love me some poker.

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