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A Very Blogger Christmas

I'm getting quite the kick out of reading all of the Vegas trip reports out there. Some of them can be a bit hard to understand, but when you read them all, you get a broad picture of debauchery, the likes of which I've never seen (and I've seen some serious debauchery). I'm also enjoying the contrast between everyone's Vegas reports and my AC report. Basically, its like apples and oranges. They may both be in the same category of fruits, but they have a very different taste. After all, my trip only had one degenerate blogger. Theirs had dozens.

Its also nice to see the blogger community almost strengthen following this trip. The best part for me is reading about the random interactions, like when Dawn from I Had Outs met GCox. G, from Oklahoma, is one of my favorite people out of all fo the bloggers, like a close friend even though we've never seen each other in person. Likewise, I am a huge fan with the I Had Outs girls (Dawn and Karol) and find them to be kindred spirits (i.e., fellow degenerates with similar first, everything else after) as well. So, when I hear about them meeting, one an Oklahoman giant and the other a female NYC lawyer, and, well, getting along, I can't help but get a special warm feeling. Reading about Linda Geenan's and Michael Craig's interactions with the bloggers has also been interesting.

Meanwhile, it poker news, I've been dealing with the usual live poker binge after effects, most notably an odd sleeping pattern, a traumatized gastrointestinal tract, and a distaste for poker light, otherwise known as online poker. Excuse me for repeating myself, because I know I've said this before, but the difference between a Want and a Need is that you can always Want more, but at some point your Needs are met and you've had enough (until some future time). We Want money. We'll always want more. We Need food. At some point, we will be full and satiated until the next feeding time. Maybe I Need poker, because right now, I've had enough for a bit.

I lost $100 two nights ago on a PLHE/PLO table at Full Tilt, a nice addition to their game lineup. I'd love to try a tournament like this. In my session, I had AA twice in HE, only to lose both times, and AAxx at least twice in PLO, also only to lose. It's a shame, but I wasn't so much phased by it.

The next day, i.e., last night, I played in the Mookie. I forgot I had registered and fired up the computer 22 minutes into the event. I played a little bit, but got antsy and pushed in order to steal the bullshit raise from someone in MP/LP. Someone behind me pushed over me. He had AK to my KQ and I go home. Notably, the guy who intially raised had 56o or some combo of low cards and folded his hand, so my play wasn't horrible...if not for the players yet to act behind me. I was only getting called by a monster hand, and that, my friends, is not good strategy.

I question how and when I'll return to a regular online poker schedule. Yesterday was a real struggle just to drum up interest was I initially tried to play, failing miserably since nothing really interested me. Hell, by tonight, I may be back in the swing of things, but without any bonuses to chase, I'm inclined to leave my money at Neteller (where it is presumably safer than some places -- my heart goes out to Duggles) and play a random blogger event when the mood strikes. Meanwhile, I'm mentally preparing to up my play at the underground clubs in NYC, and specific at Salami with their $50+10 turbo tournament followed by deep and loose 1/2 NL. I avoided the 1/2 NL in the past for fear of the, well, fearlessness of the other players (i.e., stupidity in many instances), but now that I have a cash bankroll of over $1k, and potentially more if I decide to withdraw more money from online, I think I'm ready to ride the variance. Truth be told, I'm starting to feel confident that I'm going to be the best player in those games, and for me to win, I have to think that. Trust me. I won't win if I think I'm going in as an underdog.

Meanwhile, life goes on. Wifey Kim is as hot as ever, I got my annual raise at work and was very happy, and I'll be seeing my family soon to celebrate my recently passed birthday (December 11th, for all you punks who forgot...not that you ever knew...or asked...jerks). Wifey Kim and I sent out an email to a bajillion people in October that basically asked them if they wanted to hang with us on New Years and offering a couple of ideas. We hoped it would jumpstart everyone's planning, but alas, we are now a couple of weeks away and people are for the first time contacting us to ask what is going on. The short answer, nothing. We are probably going to find a nice dinner/party place with another couple, good pal Jefe and his gal, and if other people want to join, they can let us know. I hate these things, as planning can be arduous and the payoff, a crowded bar of 21 year olds, each clamoring for a drink but nowhere near the 4-person deep bar, is less than inviting. Here's hoping that it all works out. I'm sure it will.

Meanwhile, in a few weeks, while you are all participating in Birthday Party for Jesus, wifey Kim and I will be heading to AC for our annual Jews in AC Christmas Special. You can read about last years' gathering HERE (you'll have to scroll down to December 26th to read the AC posts). I'm also going to work on a new page with a list of my trip reports, and probably another one for my You Decide posts. I used to have those done, but with the change, I ditched them.

Last night, wifey Kim and I caved and gave each other our Hannukah "gifts". I put that in quotes because this year, we set up blue and white Christmas stockings and did our best to fill them up. The selection of items in my stocking were all wrapped in red and green tissue paper. To complete the irony, many of the items were just...well, weird. Some highlights were the pocket packet of tissues, wrapped in tissue paper. I laughed for a good 5 minutes at that one, just because of the pure absurdity of it all, wrapping tissues in tissues. Wifey Kim's explanation: "You are always asking me for tissues, and now you won't have to." Yeah, I'm confused too. She also got me a WSOP logo bic lighter and a Spiderman deck of cards. She knows me too well. There was the usual pair of boxer-briefs and socks. As I openned the nail clippers, wifey Kim gave me a warning: "You are never going to use this gift, but I will." So, basically, she bought me a gift for her. But the oddest gift of the bunch, a three-pack of breath mints: "Because your breath stinks!" in her cutest voice.

Shiyit! With gifts like those, who needs a drugstore!

I should probably mention that my birthday gift from just a few nights before consisted of a stack of boxes filled with so many items, I felt like we were unwrapping the gifts following a 6th birthday party. Unfortunately, while I got some sweet clothing, I didn't get any Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figures, so I guess it wasn't as good as a 6th grade birthday party.

That's all for now. Until next time, make mine poker!

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At 9:17 PM, Blogger Pokerwolf said...

The only reason I celebrate Fake Birthday Party for Jesus is because it's a family tradition with my parents.

If it's just my wife, my kid, and I, then we celebrate Yule.

If you and I sat down over drinks and really went over things, I think we might be astonished at how similar (yet different) we are in a lot of ways.

At 11:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jesus is real.

At 11:21 AM, Blogger HighOnPoker said...

I'm not getting into a religious debate. Excuse me if my sarcasm came off wrong.

At 5:58 PM, Blogger GaryC said...

I know I have been lax in commenting, but the trip reports are outstanding, you obviously don't drink as much as I did whilst in Vegas.

I love em and keep them coming. BTW, I might need a hook up after the new year at the CrackHouse game.

Happy belated Birthday too, bro.



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