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Much like your boxer briefs after a good cleaning, the streak is gone.

After chopping the last four tournaments I played at Tuna Club, I finally lost a tourney, specifically yesterday's $130 freezeout. I started at an unusually aggressive table, lost a little over half of my stack playing decent cards in position that didn't pan out, and finally lost when I was shortstacked and pushed all-in on a harmless looking board.

The specific death hand saw me in the SB with T6o and 1,750 or so. The blinds were at 100/200. A player in EP limped. He was an old guy, fat and sloppy, who joined the tourney late. In his first orbit, he busted and then rebought in to the tournament. His limp in EP led me to believe that he had a couple of high cards.

The flop came down 862 with two diamonds. I had one diamond in my hand. The pot was 600 and I had 1,550 left. Frankly, my preflop call is against my better judgment. Usually, when I am under 10 big blinds, I go into push-or-fold mode, and that includes when I'm in the SB. But I figured I could see a flop and when it came down, it was uncoordinated enough that I decided to push. I figured that all I needed to dodge was A8s or a rogue 8 from the BB, who by my read was already mentally checked-out of the hand. I pushed, BB folded and the old man thought for a bit before calling. He then showed Q6o. Lord knows what he was doing limping in EP with Q6o, but the bottom line was that he had enough chips in his stack that he could afford to lose an additional 1,550. Obviously, that didn't happen though. I busted, said, "I didn't want to play this stupid game anyway," and took my leave.

I hung around for a minute or two trying to decide if I wanted to rebuy back in. The way the rebuy works is that for the first hour or whatever, a player can re-register, which includes paying the full $100+20 buy-in and the extra $10 toke for an additional 1,000 chips. That's $130 total. The re-registered player gets the equivalent of a dead stack, reduced by the amount of blinds that would have been removed if the player was in from the beginning but was being blinded out. I asked the tournament director how much I would get and he replied 3,275. There were about 2-3 minutes before the blinds reached 150/300, so I decided it just wasn't worth it. I was not planning on paying $130 for 10 big blinds again. Instead, I got home a tad early.

While the streak is dead, there is still one streak that remains. I have won my last three Sunday $160 tourneys at Tuna. Those tournaments have 20 minute blinds and antes starting late in the game, whereas the Tuesday $130 is 15 minute blinds with no antes and the Thursday game is a $20 rebuy (not re-register, but a real rebuy). I suppose the longer blind periods help me a tad, as does the short tables that generally happen on Sundays. Whatever the case, I plan on keeping that streak alive, although I don't know when I will next return for the Sunday tourney.

Thanks to the commentors who gave their opinions regarding whether I should attend the Sunday birthday party or the Tuna Club $550 tournament. I've considered the different factors, and while I was initially in Dawn's camp, that being the camp of poker addicts, I have finally settled on attending the party. I wouldn't be surprised if some form of drunken poker happens there anyway (for significantly less money but significantly more fun) and besides, I suppose a man has to have some sorta social life outside of poker.

Until next time, make mine poker!

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