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Online Down, TV Up

Cycles, folks. Poker is all about cycles. Or more accurately, my love of poker is more about cycles. There are times when I don't feel as "into" the game as I did in the past, but if I wait long enough, that fervor comes back. And baby, it's back.

I haven't been able to play too much. I have dabbled online here or there, but very sporadically. Now, if it is past 9pm, I'll just skip the online game. I'd rather spend my time watching crappy fall television and I don't want to feel time pressures or that old feeling of "why am I playing this" when midnight rolls around.

That said, while I continue to ween myself from online poker, I have also caught myself watching televised poker more and more.

Kudos to the folks at the WSOP and ESPN, because this season of the WSOP has been fantastic. I first got into hold'em by accidentally stumbling upon a WPT broadcast. At the time, I thought, "Who would watch this shit?" and then watched an hour before taping the next hour. But as is natural, after a while I stopped watching poker on the TV. If I saw poker or was in the mood for poker, I would simply go online and actually play.

Since I cut down on my online play and I still only play live maybe once per week, I decided to check out a recent episode of the WSOP Main Event. I really wanted to play poker, but since I knew that wasn't an option (it was very late on a weeknight), I figured I'd watch a hand or two.

Since then, I've taped every new episode and even found some old PLO episodes from years past playing on ESPN Classic. DVR is the shiznittle, people. With a few clicks, I can find every poker related show and tape them with ease. The result is a lot more televised poker.

Sadly, televised poker is pretty much the extent of my poker, lately. But it's only a matter of time before I get my hands dirty again with some live poker action. If all goes well, I will be attempting a three-peat this weekend at the Tuna Club for their Sunday tournament. Wifey Kim and I are heading to New Orleans in November for a Speech Hearing conference for the wifey. While she learns her trade, I'll be learning mine at the nearby Harrahs casino.

December has two poker trips. The first is to Vegas on my birthday weekend, December 11, for the Winter Blogger Gathering (that sounds so W.o.W.). I'm totally solo so far, with no hotel booked. If someone is looking for a roomie, let me know. I may choose to room solo, since its so cheap, but I'm open to ideas. Also, where is everyone staying?

Later in December, I'm back in AC for another Very Jewish Christmas Special featuring Dave Roose and the High on Poker Players.

So, it isn't so bad. In the meanwhile, I'll try to get some more games in at Tuna, where there is always lots of delicious fish upon which to feast.

Until next time, make mine poker!

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