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Water Level

"Water seeks its own level and so do poker players." - Doyle Brunson

It's rare that I will start off a post with a quote, but that one from Doyle really hit home. As a player starting out at the micro limits online (literally .10 tournaments), I appreciate the fact that it takes a lot of hard work or dedication to make the climb up the poker ladder. I've been stalled at the live 1/2 NLHE stage for some while now, as much a product as my fear of losing money as my lack of opportunity to play live. Sometimes I think I should force myself to try the next game up, 2/5 NLHE. I've played that game on only one or two ocassions that I can recall offhand. Then I remember the juiciness of the 1/2 games, where you get the least experienced (and consequently worst) players, and I generally stick to the ole 1/2. But Doyle's quote offers some food for thought, and maybe it's time I find my own level or accept that for now, it's 1/2.

The last time I played 2/5 was in Buffalo. I was in the town of my alma mater with wifey Kim for a speech therapy conference. It's the same excuse we are using to go down to New Orleans this November, if all goes according to plan. After dropping her off at her conference, I headed to one of the new American casinos, located at Niagara Falls. The 1/2 table had a max buy-in of $100 and the 2/5 had a max buy-in of $300. Since I was comfortable with a $300 buy-in (that's the usual buy-in for 1/2 games in Atlantic City), I opted for the higher game.

I had to actually go back and read my trip report to check the results. +$338. It's comparable to a decent 1/2 session. Of course, that's just one sample, and a sample does not a trend make.

This all leads me to this weekend. It's my fraternity's 10 Year Reunion. Long story short, back in college, my good buddy Jefe asked if I wanted to start a fraternity with him. He had already gotten together a group of likeminded individuals. I said yes, the fraternity was put together, and ten years later, it's now stronger than ever.

So this weekend, and in fact, in a few hours, I'm heading to Buffalo to drink with some old buddies and, if all goes well, play some poker. My little brother (in real life, not fraternity-speak) Dave was also in the fraternity, so we are going up together. I already warned him that Saturday morning, I intend to disappear.

Here's how I envision it. Hung over from drinking tonight, I wake up on the early side, perhaps 9 or 10am, drive to the casino, play for two to four hours, and then meet up with everyone. Some of the fraternity brothers are throwing a home game tourney, which also is appealing, but the stakes are college-kid stakes, $20 buy-in. I'm not adverse to those stakes, and I'll hopefully make their game as well as play in the casino, but I am really looking forward to some sweet poker action.

My love for poker, now five years plus into our love affair, just does not abate. I am heading back to college, the land of cheap booze and loose women, and the only thing on my mind is getting back into the 2/5 game.

I'm sure when I started this, I had some more organized thoughts going through my head. So much for that. But since poker is calling, I'll just cut this short.

Have a great weekend everyone. Wish me luck.

Until next time, make mine poker!

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At 11:35 PM, Blogger BWoP said...

I hope you kick some ass!

At 11:38 PM, Blogger BWoP said...

Oh, and FWIW, I've been pretty much playing 1/2 even though my game at the Borgata was 2/5. Plenty of dead money in 1/2 land to make it worthwhile.


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