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Rollercoaster of Love

I spent the morning on the phone with 4 different departments at HSBC, trying to rectify some late charges (and the inevitable credit report damage) that magically appeared on some bank statements. With each new department, I tried a new tactic. My personal favorite was the screaming match with Darsen Mashurash with the Select Credit Department. I had already spoken to his department earlier in the morning, and they told me I had to speak to the Checking Accounts Department. The Checking Accounts Department told me I had to speak with a "specialist" and then sent me to Darsen, back in the Select Credit Department. When he told me he had to transfer me to another department because "he wasn't authorized to speak with me about certain issues" I got to lay on the aggression. It can be very therapuetic, and it doesn't hurt that Darsen comes from a culture with a rigid caste/class system.

Once he got me through to Linda, I was able to resolve 90% of the problems. When we got off the phone, though, I needed to unwind. Wifey Kim just started up a load of laundry, so I knew we were staying home for at least another 90 minutes. And so, I fired up FullTilt.

This is really just a setup for one hand, the first hand I played in the tournament.

It was a two-table $22+2 Sit-N-Go, turbo. Everyone started with 1500 in chips. I was in the CO and was dealt KK. The rollercoaster began with a jolt of joy. KK in this spot is pretty sweet. The turbo structure will also encourage a bit of gambling.

Preflop, a player in EP minimum raises to 80 (20/40 blinds). A player to my immediate right called the 80. I decided to push all-in.

The overpush all-in in this situation is all about catching a player offguard. As long as I'm not facing AA (and it is much more likely I'm facing just about anything from KJ up or 44 up), I am going into the hand as a favorite. A lot of inferior, but strong hands may call in this situation, since my overpush seems weak, ironically. To the player with QQ, JJ, AK, AQ, or even TT or 99, my play might look like a weak attempt to pick up the pot with a vulnerable low pair or drawing high cards.

There's a bit of internal excitement at this point. I'm a tad nervous though, because I don't usually make that play and I'm uncertain if I overbet the pot and wasted an opportunity.

That nervousness gave way to a sense of joy with the initial min raiser calls. The other player folds and we show our cards. My KK vs. his...AA. Drop. FUCK!

Flop is all unders. FUCK! Turn is a K. JOY! River is a blank. And...relief.

God damn, I love this game.

Until next time, make mine poker!

So, I made my play and felt

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