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Preview Day

Is anyone else really digging the way that Heroes has seemingly resurrected itself in all of two episodes? The characters' motivations seem more clear, the storylines have decent twists and even the thin filler moments (drinking contests in Mexico?) seem more fun. I miss J-Goat's recaps, but I can't blame him for quitting. As long as J-Goat keeps putting out Lost recaps I can't complain.

This is more of a preview post. I thank you all for bearing with me these last few weeks or months. Peaks and valleys, folks; it's as true for blogging as it is for poker. Poker, meanwhile, continues to frustrate online whereas my few live sessions have been going well. I rather not dwell on it too long though. Suffice it to say that I had a decent first three months of the year live and a forgettable break-even three months online.

Coming up, wifey Kim has herself a birthday get together with all of her HS female friends. One of the gals is flying in from Georgia and the plan is for the girly crew to meet up this Saturday on Long Island. Seeing opportunity, I immediately announced my plans: "Looks like I'll be in AC!" I sent out a text message to my buddies, but haven't gotten any bites yet. No matter what, though, it looks like I'm AC-bound. On one hand, it's nice to be so independent and confident that taking the trip solo is no problem; on the other hand, it is mildly disturbing to my GamAnon sponsor.

Besides that, I've been reading a book called Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, the author of Blink and The Tipping Point. Outliers is about statistical outliers, generally people who stand out amongst the crowd, whether they be hockey standouts, computer wizzes, or mathemagicians. Naturally, I saw a couple of segments fairly applicable to poker, so once I'm done with the book, you'll be hearing more about it here.

Until next time, make mine poker!

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At 10:15 PM, Blogger Julius_Goat said...

What will be more amazing is how they take just another 2 episodes to go back to shit again.

Heroes will not fool me evermore.


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